Sunday, June 01, 2014

Part 3 ... The end of a busy weekend

This morning I startet to put the star together and adding the white fabric. With no pattern it had to be some try and add some more....
As you can see from my feet,it was a great hot day today...��

Magda was a great help holding everyting on the table when I add the batting and back... 
After this Magda went for a rest ,while Gretchen was ready to do some work. She did a great job too. 
I love to play with these two girls...;-)
So after Magda did the last work,the binding,I manage to have me a new quilt made in one weekend. 
Thank you Donna for hosting this fun. Busy days,but so fun. 
Now I have about 8 meter of bindings to handsew .

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Part 2...

Magda has had a busy day to day....

First starting to sew fabrics together row by row...

Then a little break for Magda while I used my new iron...  :-))
Then after cutting all the pices Magda realy got to show what she could do ....  Sewing... Sewing ..with some small break when it was time to iron...
So at last all the pices come together making a star..
Now it have to lie on the flor while I do some hand sewing,and think if this realy are how I want my Jellyroll to end up...

To morrow are a new sewing day for Magda and me,may be we manage to have a new quilt ready for binding....  With a little help from Gretchen I think it can be possible .....?

Sewing weekend .. Part 1.

I'm sewing this weekend together with a lot of Donna -Chookyblue-friends from almost all over the world.
So Happy Birthday Donna, Queen of Fun things in Quiltland. I know there will be a fun weekend!
This is what I will be playing with ... A lot of white fabrics and a Tula Pink fabrics Jellyroll...
I will show the progress ... But now I have to find me som music on the radio and start to play ;-) 
Sees you later...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winter work...

I have been playing a lot with fabrics during wintertime. Some big and a lot small items. 
I have been playing with rulers and started to try to use some of my old fabrics.
On the quilt with the green star I have tried to use as many as posible of my fabrics with owls and birds..
The one with blue stars the top and bottom border are with an old fabric with angles..
The little heart houses are a test of my Go'Baby. .....
Here there are some challenges ( the brown tablecloth) ,try somthing new (the big star quilt ) ,leftovers (the pillow) and make somthing green... 
I have a lot of precut fabrics...and what can I use them for... A tablerunner...small houses - I love this little wallhanging. Tula Pink fabrics ( <3 ) ...and the little heart with houses, once again..hmmm .. 
I had a great weekend ...loong weekend..with The Girls some week ago. All of these items are connecting to them. The first are my memory quilt from Kristiansand (the one with stars ) ,the second are a challenge from NQF. The tablerunner are the first item I quilted om my new machine ( show and tell later ) rest og the stuff are items I made during the weekend. We had a great,fun and creative weekend. 
At last I manage to make a great finish, my own Simple Life Quilt. After the pattern of Anni Downs. 
I started to stitch on it in 2012 when the book was new....and then it was lying down in the UFO pile untill I was so luckey to go to a class with Anni,and I told one of my friends that I had started to make the stitcheries to it... So as ursual I could not say no when she gave me the challenge to finish it in about 3weeks.... And I did it. :-) 
I quilted it on my new friend....
Ok...the next blogpost will be a show and tell from my new/old sewing area.... Promice! 
Untill then have fun. Hugs :-)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yes,I'm alive.....

This winter has been busy,and may be I have been lazy... My blogging has been like zero,but now I shall try to be more clever. But my Quilting live has been on top,I have lots and lots to show.None of my new to show to day,they are comming later.... This blog are about a whole day spend with friends learning and listening to Anni Downs.I have made a lot from her pattern,and now I have more items to make. This day we started on a tablerunner. You can see my tiny houses in front of this photo. On the clean and well organized table....
Our working table. If Susan @ Thimblestitch sees this,I hope she can see how mutch I love and use my SSCS gift :-) It was soo fun getting to know that Anni know her. The Quilting world are realy small .
I was in this class with Nemo(Tonje) and our friend Irene. It was a big room,and the green winter in Norway are cold, so hot cofee are a blessing ;-)
Anni was walking a round telling and showing how she are working ,and she gave us some great A-HA . I learnd some new ways to do my stitching. Great ��
After the class ,there was a show and tell. Totaly there came about 170 ladies,from all over Norway. Tonje and Irene was trying to get a look from the last row ( table) Luckey for us,we had spend the whole day with Anni....
Here you can see what we saw.....  A lot of happy ladies beeing able to meet one of our kind, a great lady all the way from Australia. Luckey us ! 
So thank you Anni,it was great meeting you. Hope to be able to meet you again! And thank you Katrine and alle her co workers,who made all this fun happen.
I wonder who you will bring next. 
Hugs :-)

Monday, December 30, 2013

At the end of 2013...

I have been playning with small items. I love to make optical-illusions "quilts" , but I have framed this. 
This little item are from a photo in Homespun no.126 and are called Paradox Illusions. Easy to make and all made by hand. 
This idea are from a program about Crop Circle on TV. I have no idea about how or who are making the Circle,but I belive there are some quilters who got his or her finger on it :-) There are so many great ideas and pattern ....  I have several more I want to make in fabric. 
Here are the Crop Circle I borrowed the idea/pattern from. Great isn't it? 
But there has been some more small finish this last my kitchen stools has got covers,so now I "just" have to make me some new pillows on my kitchen bench to make my kitchen look new...
As I think this is my last post for 2013 I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. My goal for 2❤️14 are as last year... To get more UFO's done,use some of my fabrics,make some of my "must have" patterns and just have a lot of great time with my Quilting Ideas and Friends.. ��

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SSCS gift and Merry Christmas..

At last I could open the main gift from my unknown friend...and it was Susan @Thimblestitch,  and look what I got. This beautifull sewingbag. I love it,and start to use it at once :-) 
Thank you Susan, you have realy spoiled me this Christmas, and the labels will be used on my two next quilts.. 
Thank you to Elf Donna for be a part of all this fun. 
Hope you all has a great Christmas,and I want to wish you all A Happy New Year. 
Hugs ;-)