Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Suddenly almost spring....

I'm still alive ,but I can't tell where this winter went... It has been a short,busy winter for me.Looking around the house it seems as I'm the UFO -queen. Lot and lot of ufo's all over the livingroom and my sewing area.... 
I have mange to do some finish,like this miniature. One of the great kits from Sew Hots block of the month. I love to get a new little kit in mail every month. 

This miniature are one of my " just for fun" items. I have been playing with Gretchen on this...
On Facebook I'm with a great group of ladies starting to sew Modern Quilts. All these are made as a miniature challenge. The one with the arrows are from my last blog...a looong time ago.. The one with blue binding are after an idea from Love Patchwork and Quilting. The four small blocks are made from fabrics printed by me. I must do more of that.The last two are the same pattern,I had to try how colours and fabrics change the look on blocks.
I'm a part of The Splendid Sampler Facebook group. There are a lot of ladies all over the world who are sewing these small,6",blocks. Two blocks every week for a year. Total 100 blocks. 
I had to make this house block for the Splendid Sampler look like the little quilt store I worked in some years ago. 
I hope to bee back soon,no promise notthing ...but hope so. May bee I manage to finish some of my ufo's soon. 
Untill then stay safe and have fun :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cold January...

ØIt has been a beautifull but cold start on this year. Luckey for me I have been at home.I have been in my sewingroom most of the time playing with fabrics and feeding the woodstove.
The weather are so beautifull,staying indoors looking out,so I had to test my camera a little. This is a sunrise...
I have done my new mittens. They has been my " listen to the tv"work in the evenings.
In my sewingroom there has been a lot going on. I have or are a part of a FB sew-together group.The first challenge was to sew a Pluss quilt.I desided to play with my Tula Pink leftover fabrics,but it was not enough to make the quilt as big as I wanted it to be. So I started to play.... And add black....
I used mostly red fabrics for the binding after playing with the quilting.
And here are the quilt in the snow..... I'm satisfied with it, warm and big enough to put on my lap sitting in my couch. 
A few days ago I got my January bom from Sew Hot.... I have a friend who sometimes say: this fabrics make me breathless...and this is one of that.Blueberry Park from Robert Kaufman. I got a Charm Square so I had to get so mutch leftover as I could. I will show the bom when it is done. I will make it in PP... Not my favorite,but a girl have to do what a girl have to do :-)
I desided to use smal triangles in a miniature quilt.( another groupe challenge ) I still has 3" square leftovers from the charm squares to play with. 3 items from one pack , not bad :-)
 Here are my mini quilt. I had to add one little grey triangle...I think I manage to cut one piece wrong.

I have a beautifull reminder of summer in one of my windows. A great amaryllis. 

I hope you all are having great sewing days.
I will be back soon with more to show,if the weather are going to be this cold for another week or so...
Hugs :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow at last....

Happy new year!
The start of 2016 has been cold and we got snow this week. Both are beautifull when I'm in side lokking out. But 26.5 degrees below zero are a little to cold. The last days it has been snowing,cold feather-light  snowflakes,almost so you just can go out and blow it away. 
I love it when the trees looks like this. :-)
While the world  outdoors are pure white I love to play with colors in my sewing room. 
I could not say no when I was asked to be a part of litamoras Plus Quilt Sew Along 2016. 
It is a great way to use my Tula Pink leftovers and charm packs. This is how far I came today. Now I have to think about how to finish it.... 
I love to play with Tula Pink fabrics. This is my Chrysanthemum Heart pillow. I got the idea from the one Siw at Quiltegården had when visiting Elverum Quiltelag before Christmas. This is a Paper Pieces even I could make. PP are not my favorite ...
More Tula Pink... The pattern and fabrics are one of Sew Hot's Mini of the Month Clubs items. 
This is a great Bom,I got a new pattern with new in stock fabrics every month for a year. 
At last I will show you my new knitted socks. They are named Patchwork socks and the pattern are made by Pinneguri. I got them in my advent calendar from Nemo. There was a pattern to make mittens too.... Guess what I'm doing while listening to TV in the evening now .... ? 
Now of to knitting,hope to be back soon to show my new mittens.... :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Spoiled at Christmas.

I have been a part of SSCS 2015 this year..  And look what I got from Deb.It is do beautifull. 
I will heng it in a perfect place for me and my friends to enjoy it :-)
Thank you Deb :-) 
Thank you Donna for hosting the swap again this year. I'm sending you big hugs. I'm so sorry for your lost.
This Christmas has been great with all the kids and their parents at home. Lovely busy days with 4 kids  from 9 months - to almost 7 years. 
The weather are strange this winter.Almost no snow,few degrees below zero ,but to be here,a lot of wind. We had a no televisjon weekend,from Christmas day untill monday. My TV dish almost blew down. But we actually didn't miss TV .... 

There are something I miss.... The sun... Yes I know it is the dark time of the year, but when it is no snow the days are realy short and dark.  The photo above are from ca 9 o'clock this morning... Sun rise... 
The last photo was ca 12 to day... Still no sun,but beautifull clouds.. 
As a lasy blogger as I'm I want to wish you all A Happy New Year. A little early,but suddenly it is by the end of January ....  
Have fun an take care... I will be back in 2016 .... Sometimes ... Hugs :-)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Waiting for Christmas...

Santa has been here....
I have got my SSCS gifts from ????  In Australia.
One gift for Christmas ,one to open at once .....and Maltesers.
I love Maltesers ,but they are so difficoult to get here in Norway.
Hmmm... Wonder who my partner are...I wonder how she know that. 

The gift I was allowed to open was this great angelornament. 
Beautifull angel who are going to stay in my home all the time. 
Thank you so mutch " partner " I hope it is ok to open my next gift 
on the 24. As we does with all our present here in Norway ;-)
I have been busy getting ready for Christmas lately. Making christmasgifts,cleaning my house and doing all the other things I use to do.... 
But I had to play with some selvedges and make me a new bag or two.. Easy and fun to do :-)
We had a werry short winter this year... In Norway we sometimes says : summer was on monday this year, this year winter was on a monday. It was beautifull with snow and some cold weather.White and brigth, but it did not stay for long. The rain came and made all into ice... 
There was iceroses on the window in my garage. It looked like beautifull laces.
I hope the winter will be back before my Christmas guests arrive. 
Hope you all will have a great Christmas .... There are more busy days fore me getting ready,and as I'm a lazy blogger I'm saying it to nigth. 
Big hugs....( may bee I will be back soon )   :-) 

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Today I have been playing with Gretchen. We quilted this Mini Medallion from Sew Hot's Mini og the Month club. I think this will be a cute little summer tablecloth.It feel great to play with summer colors now. There has been a lot of fog lately. 
When I look at what I have done the last month ,there are no doubt...I wish the summer will comeback soon. I had to make me one of these cute little block. The pattern are in nr 1 of Todays Quilter's magazine. It is called Soothing Sunflowers and are based on an original block from 1934. I love sunflowers so I must make more of this fun and easy block. May bee in blue or red... 
Last summer I was at a exhibition with a lot of Kaffe Fassett quilts,and I found some fabrics to buy. Now is the time to start playing with some of them.I think these Little Butterflies pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts will be great in Kaffe Fassett fabrics. ... Summer theme once again... 
Oh yes.. I have done some secrets too.... My gift for my SSCS 2015 partner are done and just waiting to go in mail... So there are a little Christmas gift making going on too... I'm not all in summermode...
I tok this photo last week, not winter here yet...just fog and the sun behind it.
Now I have to get back and play with fabrics... 
Have a great week...have fun and take care..
Hugs :-)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween fabrics....

Sometimes I just feel for playing with some ideas.... and do something of my " difficult to use " fabrics. 
This time I wanted to make me some Haloween items... Small and easy to make tablerunnere.I got these fabrics in Birmingham a year ago. Lovely colors ,but the black one are a bit bizare. Hearses and chests. But for Haloween it must be ok :-)

This one are mase from a mini charmpack and the bizare fabrics,in white this time.
A lot of scary items her... :-)
I don't selebrate Halloween,but I will use two of the tablerunnere... I like the colors.
Have fun if you will selebrate and knock on some doors.....