Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just a little hello

This is a picture of my little town. Now you can see that I live in a great forest,from old times called : the seven mil forest. And a mil that I talk about are 10 kilometres. If you look well you can see the bridge. I live near by it.
This quilt is another of my playing with leftovers. This time from The Timbleberries clubs.We have been making Thimbleberries clubs in the shop in some years. Great fun. :-)
Here are one of my....just have to try. It is all made of silk, all except the batting. I just had to try silk-painting.It was great fun and I have to make something . So I did this little flower quilt.I don't know if I can call it a miniature, but it is smal.
To day I had a nice visitor in the shop. It was May Britt and bring all this magasines fore me to borrow.My daugther didn't think it was kind. Oh dear , she say, then you will find plenty more you have to try. Some you just want to do. And a lot you JUST MUST MAKE. I did't know she know me that well..... but she are a quilter her self. :-) I also got a newsletter from KeepsakeQuilter in the mail.So I have to sit down and dream of all I need from it. The same daugther of mine are going to USA soon. She and her boyfriend are going to Los Angles and Minnesota. His grandmother are living in a smal town named Bemodji.And I wounder if any of you lovely girls know some shops where she can buy fabrics and other quiting items. At last I want to show you what a clever girl May Britt are. Here she are making bindings on our new coasters. She did't want me to show you how clever she are.....but I did't hear that.I think it is a lovley picture of a nice quilter. And she are going to "kick my ass" I just have to stand untill it it heal it self.:-)
Ok. now I just have to look in the magasines , and dream. This night KeepsakeQuilter has to go to bed with me........I'm gonna to have lots of dreams this night.
I hope you all have sweet dreams to night. :-)


Rose Marie said...

So very glad that you were pushed ... um decided to start up a blog. It's a lot of fun and you meet so very nice folks. Your quilts are lovely!

Linda said...

Oh I do love the photo of your home town, so pretty, just perfect, and such lovely photo's of your quilting.

teodo said...

Wow! I like the place where you live! Thanks for showing it to us.

The quilt with the flowers is very nice.
I have an abbonament to Magic patch in italian and to Quiltmania too. I prefer Quiltmania.

Happy quilting whit May.
ciao ciao.

May Britt said...

You know I hate doing bindings!!! It is always so lovely to visit the quiltshop for a cup of coffee, so I did not mind doing the bindings at all. Enjoy the magazines and dream about new ideas.

Pieces From Me said...

What lovely quilts. I love the picture of you home town. What a beautiful place. What a nice friend you have...I don't think she will do any damage to your sit down. ;)

Chris said...

Hi from the USA! I found your blog through May's so welcome to blog world. I've enjoyed seeing your quilts and hope to see many more.

Guðrún said...

I just love your wallhanging made of the Thimbleberries fabrics, the quilting on it is so well done. I hope you have sweet dreams

Sweet P said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Laila. I grew up in Minnesota and I can tell you Bemidji is a beautiful little town. They won't be far from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Thanks for the photos of where you live. It looks like a beautiful part of the country.

Leslie said...

You live in a beautiful place. I would love to visit there one day. Your quilts are gorgeous! Your ability to manipulate fabric is amazing.

Susan said...

Thank you for showing your town! It's beautiful. I love basket quilts and yours just sparkles. May Britt is just tempting you, isn't she?

There are many, many quilt stores in the Los Angeles area. If you can tell me more specifically what town they are in, I can tell you what's closest. Otherwise, I might tell you about one that is 50 miles from where they'll be.

I had a friend from that town in MN. She always said summer lasted one day there. I don't know if there are quilt shops, though. Go here and it may tell you one that is close to where they will be:

QuiltingFitzy said...

Love the photo, and jealous you get to have May Britt in person, lol. You better enjoy!

Have a great week.