Friday, December 21, 2007

Almost Christmas

To day are the darkest day of the year. But now it is only going to be lighter untill summer-time ,when the sun shine almost all through the night.I took this photo about nine o'clock this morning. It was 20 degrees below zero. You can see my neighbours are having a fire.
To day I have been cleaning my house and to morow I will be decorating the hole house for Christmas. I use not to do that untill the 23. but this year I'll do it "early" because Nemo ,her boyfriend and her older sister are comming home for Christmas on Sunday,and I want every thing to be ready so we can just relax and enjoy ourselves.

To day I have made the last Christmas present. It is a kitchen-towel for my mother-in-law. She has got one , but whish one more.Now I have only a few more gifts to wrap up. And to morrow I will put all the gifts under the Christmas tree after I have decorate it. The gift I got from my Secred Santa Christmas partner will be laying there too....I'm looking forward to open it. ;-) But before I can do so I have to decorate my house with all my Christmas items. I got a lot of Santas, angels , tablerunners, Norwegian Santas (Nisser) and you name it..... My house are going to shine... After all the cleaning to day it only happen to sparkle a little now and then...

The bird-house out side are full of sunflower-seed and the balls are other birds food. I love to watch the birds comming and going to get food.They are so elegant . My favorite are the Bullfinch, the male are so red and beautifull. It is the Christmas-bird of them all I think.
Jacob are keeping an eye on my cleaning. May-be he are looking after the "dust-rabbits" I have catched a lot of them. Once I was thinking of setting them up for adoption...but I don't belive I'm the only one who has a lot of them...;-) But now they are spending the Christmas gathering in my vacuum-cleaner.

Unill next time take care and remember the child in you . I hope to chare some photos of my house when I have decorated it for Christmas..... ;-)


QuiltingFitzy said...

Living in the desert, you should SEE the dust I get. I'm thinking I'll just live with the "beige look" and call it done.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Dust bunnies! How nice. With my big hairy dog I have dust dinosaurs! :-)

Merry Christmas!