Sunday, April 13, 2008

The NQF meeting

The photos didn't came out in the order I would like them to do, but who care...I have a lot to tell and to show.So I will start with some great quilts from the exhibition first, ( and I have asked if it is ok to show them. LOL ) The firs one are a little quilt made after an idea from a Japanese magasin almost only with Japanese fabrics. It is my friend Bjørg who has made it. I think it is beautiful. She are a great quilter.
Here are another beautiful quilt. It is my friend Lisbeth's lovely Baltimore Quilt. A queen- size hand quilted master piece. I hope to rember to take a photo of the whole quilt some times.
Here are a photo of one of my quilts. I have only used leftovers from different Thimbleberry project. All made by sewing-maskine.I think it fell true with the great quilt above.
When we started on our trip to the NQF-meeting some of us arrange a coffe break on the way. It last a long time, we had so mutch to talk and laugh abouth...
I think we entertain a lot of people who sat near by us. It was so fun to talk abouth what we needed and hoped to get from all the shops, and how we belived the meeting would be. It was more than 600 mostley ladies registert and abouth 20 shops. Have a look at Abyquilt's blog, she has great photos from the shops.
I bought a lot of pattern and kits. ( wonder when I'll be able to do them. LOL ) Some I have a plan with. The pattern on top I intend to make a coaster for my father. He loves to pick Cloudberry.The saying are: the mouth filled with gold from the mountain.The pattern are from Nothern Quilts. The little box are a kit from Jordbærstedet.( A little butterfly bag.) And I got myself a Japanese-kit. And a new Bom from Quiltegården.- Fairy all through the year. It is a young girl who has desiged it.
I also found a lot of other items I realy needed. :-) Somthing I know I needed and some of them just jumped in my bag....I was looking for a big botle of Glue.Bast-It and silk thread....I have some big plans. And I was looking for diffrent thread to use in stitchery. But I didn't know I needed new ear-rings or all that fabrics....or the Lickity Grip. :-)
Here are the only photo I took during the banquet. It was more than 400 ladies .The photo are of Hanne taking a photo of us at ouer table. She had a kind of traveling fever, going on her big trip.
Here are some friends of me waiting to get there quilts. I think the photo says everything abouth these days....The little badge above says in Norwegian:Vennligst ikke rør . ( Please non't toutch ) And if they feel like I did...I didn't want anyone to touch me. I would be afraid all the thing I have seen and heard and learned would just get out in the air just like a broken ballon. We all needed time to let it all sink in our mind. I'm still working on it. :-)
At the end I like to show you a quilt I made to the shop. It is so easy , only squares,what I think made the quilt are the stitching. It is the reason I needed more diffrent thread....
I hope to show more photos from the meeting later... You must have a look around with the other Norwegian-bloggers. I think a lot of them has some great photos....
Have a great day and take care.... HUGS.


Silverthimble said...

I agree with you--it is the stitching that really makes that quilt special!

Marnie said...

Looks like yuo have been busy- great photos! Thanks so much for my lovely scrap package- you should receive yours any day now! hopw you are well, marnie

Unknown said...

Great photos, Laïla !... and great shopping, as well :>)

Love your heart log cabin quilt, and the last one with the stitchery, too. You always have such a nice inspiration.


sewkalico said...

Wow. Looks like you had a great time!