Monday, May 10, 2010

New Bags

To day there where a big swarm of birds stoped in my garden on their way back from warmer area. If they hoped to find some food , I belive they was disappointed, there are not summer yet. No green grass and no flowers, just cold and snow and rain...
The only flowers I got are these in doors. - There are a few small spring flowers in my garden but I belive they are realy cold....
Here you can see how it looks outside when the snowshower goes by.Not a great time to be travelling bird .....
My friend Lisbeth has been travelling.... to the sun on a cruise. And she had thimles with her back as a gift for me ;-) One from Jamaica and one from Coamel. Thank you Lisbeth , great gifts from a great friend.
This last weeks I have been playing with my sewing machine. I have done a lot , but can't show you every thing yet.( I have been doing some gifts..... I will show you them next time .. )
I have been making me some new bags, but I did not have time to do all the bags I had on my mind. This is the kit of the third bag from the Bagaliciocs club. A sweet little bag made by Janelle Wind. This will be my new bag for sunny days, - if there will be summer sometimes ;-) Great pattern and beautifull fabrics. So diffrent from the bags I use to make .
I have been playing and tryed some ideas I have had on my mind for a while.... The first are this little purse. I found it in a Japanece book. Easy and fast to make - great for coins when I don't bring a bag.

The second bag are a BIG one .... a weekend bag. All made of fabrics from my stash...Old Thimbelberry fabrics, left-over from differnt TB clubs. The crazy quilt fabrics are great - but now it is gone... The pattern are Norwegian - a Peggy pattern . She have a lot of great pattern for bags.

This is a Peggy pattern too. A great little bag fun to make and a little diffrent. The fabrics on the front remember me of the "happy"-70 and The Beatles. You will find a lot of Peggys pattern here at Quilteliv. This was the shop who was at Elverum quiltelag on our last meeting.

So now I got me some new bags on my next trip to vistit Emma and Peder... ;-)
A girl can newer get to many bags--- I belive ;-)

Have a great week , I will soon be back to show more of my sewing machine- playing.
Have fun and tacke care. ;-)


May Britt said...

oi oi....skal si du har vært flittig til å sy vesker. Og kjempefine ble de og :) Det verste er at jeg har hatt matrpakken til den ene vesken liggende i snart ett år hehehe God tur til Emma og Peder

Grethe said...

Du verden! Så mye spennende du viser frem! Virkelig inspirerende
å lese. Nå må jeg få opp farten;
det skjønner jeg :-)

StarQuilt said...

Hei du. det ble bag på deg skjønner jeg. Og skulderveske. Har kjøpt stoff til lokket på den jeg og. Skal se om jeg blogger litt i helga. Klem.

Vigdis said...

Takk for en trivelig Lappetur i dag. De nye veskene var i bruk og fungerte perfekt :)
Kos deg med Emma og Peder et par dager no. Så kan vi begynne å tenke ut hva vi skal med "det vi ikke visste vi trengte" som vi kjøpte i dag :D