Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween fabrics....

Sometimes I just feel for playing with some ideas.... and do something of my " difficult to use " fabrics. 
This time I wanted to make me some Haloween items... Small and easy to make tablerunnere.I got these fabrics in Birmingham a year ago. Lovely colors ,but the black one are a bit bizare. Hearses and chests. But for Haloween it must be ok :-)

This one are mase from a mini charmpack and the bizare fabrics,in white this time.
A lot of scary items her... :-)
I don't selebrate Halloween,but I will use two of the tablerunnere... I like the colors.
Have fun if you will selebrate and knock on some doors.....

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Julie Fukuda said...

I always liked halloween here in Japan because I could sit down to my birthday dinner without having to jump up to serve trick-or-treaters. It is becoming more popular these days for costume lovers and parades but I can still enjoy my dinner.