Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cold January...

ØIt has been a beautifull but cold start on this year. Luckey for me I have been at home.I have been in my sewingroom most of the time playing with fabrics and feeding the woodstove.
The weather are so beautifull,staying indoors looking out,so I had to test my camera a little. This is a sunrise...
I have done my new mittens. They has been my " listen to the tv"work in the evenings.
In my sewingroom there has been a lot going on. I have or are a part of a FB sew-together group.The first challenge was to sew a Pluss quilt.I desided to play with my Tula Pink leftover fabrics,but it was not enough to make the quilt as big as I wanted it to be. So I started to play.... And add black....
I used mostly red fabrics for the binding after playing with the quilting.
And here are the quilt in the snow..... I'm satisfied with it, warm and big enough to put on my lap sitting in my couch. 
A few days ago I got my January bom from Sew Hot.... I have a friend who sometimes say: this fabrics make me breathless...and this is one of that.Blueberry Park from Robert Kaufman. I got a Charm Square so I had to get so mutch leftover as I could. I will show the bom when it is done. I will make it in PP... Not my favorite,but a girl have to do what a girl have to do :-)
I desided to use smal triangles in a miniature quilt.( another groupe challenge ) I still has 3" square leftovers from the charm squares to play with. 3 items from one pack , not bad :-)
 Here are my mini quilt. I had to add one little grey triangle...I think I manage to cut one piece wrong.

I have a beautifull reminder of summer in one of my windows. A great amaryllis. 

I hope you all are having great sewing days.
I will be back soon with more to show,if the weather are going to be this cold for another week or so...
Hugs :-)

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suz said...

those gloves and socks are fantastic! I love the little notch in the shaft of the arrow - perfect! Your Plus quilt came out wonderful - a bit like a jigsaw puzzle!