Sunday, December 04, 2016

2.sunday of Advent.

There are just a little snow where I live,and soon it is Christmas...only 20 more nights. A lot to make and a lot to bake... busy fun days getting every item and gift ready. Some gifts have to go in Mail and some I have to bring myself. Talking about gifts and gift for my SSCS partner are in Mail and on it's way out in the world.. 
This are the second year Nemo and I are making ( buying) gifts to each other. 
Look what great surprises I have got. 
On the first sunday I got this cute box filled with memories from our London trip. 
4 thimbles from London. Luckey me :-)
On the second sunday ,to day,I got another tiny box, this was filled with 
buttons to mark my knitting and quilting items. I got one more memory item 
From the trip,a Harry Potter bookmarking. Almost to great to use. It deserve to be used 
In a " stay at home book" Thank you Nemo :-)
And this is not the end of the fun... I still got two more gifts waiting for me..
I'm so looking forward to open them... :-) 
I hope every one have a great advent,busy getting every thing ready for 
Christmas evening og day.. 
Have a great time and take time to have some fun. :-) 

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Chookyblue...... said...

glad you have some parcels waiting for you.........
also wonderful your SSCS is on the where will it land...........