Sunday, September 30, 2007

Patchwork of the nature.

The colours in the nature was just great some days ago.It seems not long ago since it was just light green and now at fall all the beautiful warm colours sparkels in the woods and the gardens.To day it has raining hard and the wind has been blowing heavy. so it want last for long.....soon all the trees are standing without any leafes at all....Just waiting for the snow and the winter.
The rowan in my garden has turned even more red.
On thursday I went to a meeting in one of my quilt clubs.Kristin Pollen was invited to talk about how she work and play with Japanese fabrics.It was great to see what she has been doing.
This is a part of a house quilt she has made. Abyquilt has shown a lot more of Kristin's work on her blog. Just take a look.
This weekend I went to Oslo to vist my to daughters. We went out to do some shoping on saturday. But it didn't last long....The weather was just terrible, it was blowing and raining and so cold that we just want to stay in doors. But we manage to hurry up and visit KatrinesQuiltestue .And I fond something I just needed. :-)
Some christmas fabrics from"Christmas Past"made by Moda,and a pattern from CinderberryStitches named "The Secred Garden" It has some sweet birds on it. I just loved it and hope to been able to stitch it soon.
When I went to Nemo she had some new pattern for me ,called "Little stitchies" from Bareroots. The two little candle mats are made with wool . but I'm going to use felt. I don't know where to get wool felt in Norway. I bought a lot of colours of felt from Panduro .
At last I want to show you a great work of Nemo. She has made " Love Is"a Rosalie Quinland Design in her own colours. I think it looks just great. We manage to make it ready to quilt. Great work Nemo. ;-)

To day I have been lazy....I have only been reading in "Round Robin" one of the Elm Creek Quilts Novels. So if I have not been doing any quilting I have been reading a lot about it. :-)

Have a lovely evening. :-)


Nadine said...

Wonderful Fall photos, cute, cute shopping, beautiful work from a friend, and a very nice book to read : "Quilting !...What else ?"
(Well, George could be nice also! LOL)

Hugs & smiles,

Sweet P said...

Wonderful photos. Is the tree the same one as in the previous entry? If so, what a big change in only one week.

May Britt said...

Hmmmmmm.....I remember you telling me you should not buy ANYTHING at the quilt shop ROFL

See you in a couple of hours.

Karol-Ann said...

That tree looks amazing! As you say, soon it will be bare and it will be winter and cold-brrr! Nemo's quilt looks very beautiful, I don't do stitchery, but that design looks so tempting!

Guðrún said...

Of course you managed to go to the quilt shop although the weather was terrible. Your autumn picture is beautiful and Nemo has done a great quilt.

Linda said...

Shopping always helps when the weather's terrible. Love your little buys and Nemo's quilt looks wonderful.

atet said...

Your rowan tree is spectacular -- I love the reds and oranges of fall the best! And what fun goodies you found at the shop! A few new projects for the cold winter months. Fun, fun, fun!

Andrea said...

That will be a lovely stitchery Laila and the christmas fabrics are gorgeous. I love Moda ! Enjoy the book - I have read them too and they are great !