Thursday, November 08, 2007

The end of fall

I got mail the other day.Beautifull African fabrics from Karol-Ann. I feel so lucky. The coulors are so great. I just need something special to make of them. Thank you Karol-Ann and have a great journey to Africa.
A friend of me and I are making stars. We make two and two just like and exchange. I don't know how many stars we are going to make ,or if it will be a quilt or a tablerunner. I just have to wait to see what it turn out to be.
Last Turesday when I was walking to visit my friend , Lappehøna, I saw this swans in the river. They are great birds, but not the song they are singing in the nights... I belive they are gathering fly away during the winter.
To day I'm just jumping from one thing to another....A little flash back to the great days with Leanne. This is the grup who started to make the Friendship's Basket. May-be you will see some one you know..LoL I have to admit my quilt are not done yet....But when it is I will show you.
I tok this photo early an morning- again hurrying to catch the bus. I don't see the raising sun when I'm home from work- but I see a lot of sun sets. :-)
I hate to get up early in the morning when I don't need it for some reason. I'm a night girl. Hate the bed in nights , but just LOVE it in the morning.
Just now I'm waiting for Nemo and her boy friend to come home for the weekend.It will be a lot of talking and quilting. And to morrow we will take a walk out in the snow.....Yes the fall are gone and we have started on the winter. It is snowing just now. ;-)

And yes I will bring my camera.

Have a great weekend and take care.


Jeanne said...

Your pictures are all great, especially the early morning shot. I am also a night owl, but it is nice to see the sky so beautiful in the morning once in awhile. We would get along together very well. We could stitch until the wee hours and sleep in every morning. :-)

Chookyblue said...

have fun with Nemo and I love the picture of the lake.........and I just had to get a Christmas Tree like it......

Guðrún said...

I hope you have a great weekend with Nemo. The picture of the morning sun is just beautiful.

Gail said...

love those stars and the sunrise....what a lovely start to the day!