Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tagged Twice

I have been tagged by Abyquilt and Karol-Ann to answer a few crafty questions.
The rules are to answer the questions and tag some one else, but since it has being around for a while I will not tag any one. But if you feel to answer please do. :-)

1. When do you started to create and make craft?
I think I started to create when I was just a little girl. I use to knit a lot of sweaters when I was in the school and did a lot of crochet tablerunners to. But to do quilting was not in my mind. -cutting up fabrics and sewing them to gether, no way. LoL
But in 1993 I change my mind. And after that I have been quilting all the time.

2.Why do you start creating?
A quiltshop opened in my little town and the lady who owned it was a great teacher and told us a lot about quilting.My friend and I also borrowed a quilt- book in the library. It seemd so fun that we just had to give it a try. And we newer stopt again....

3.Why do you create?
I have to do something with my hands and it is allways something I just have to do or try. I just NEED to create !

4.What do you create?
I quilt every thing. Bags,table runnere,wall quilts, name it.

5.Has this changed since you began crafting?
Yes ,I think I just have to try more different ways to quilt. I use my sewing-machine a lot more to quilt. I can't do a lot of hand quilting. I have not enough time......I allways have somting new ideas to do. Just now I love to do stitchery...

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