Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year !

Yesterday my husband , Jacob and I went to celebrate New Year's Eve in Oslo with our oldest daughter. It was a lot of fireworks and a lot of noise from all the people out in the streets , but we had a great evening together just having a enjoyabel time.
To day my daughter and I went for a walk by Akers elva. (Akers-river) It was lovely weather, but no snow at all.You can hardly belive this photo are taken in the middle of the biggest town in Norway.I love to walk and look at all the old houses,and to day it was so peaseful and hardly no peoples to see.
It has been a calm christmas this year. I have spend some time alone, after our visitors had left back home and my husband went to work. (I had to work two days myself also.) But when beeing on myself I manage to finish this little stitchery. The Night Before from Cinderberry Stitches.
And this bolck from Angel's sewing basket From Gail Pan Designs. Every thing I manage to finish make me feel great.... ;-)

I almost feel ashamed not to have showed what a lovely gift I got from my SSCS partner Tracey.I'm so pleased with all I got. So thank you Tracy. I send a big hug to you.
And look what I got from my friends for Christmas... Lovely boxes to fill with Quilting objects. ( Buttons, Fabrics,Wips or what ever) I just love and need boxes.
And take a look on these.....a great homemade kit from my friend Bjørg and two lovely pre-printed stitcherys. All of them are something to make fast..... ;-) I have started on the one from Bjørg. I will show you when it is done.
I also got other great quilting items from other friends of mine. I'm a luckey girl I think who have all that great friends. Thank you everybody.(I even got one of May Britt's pin cushions)
At last I want to say : Have a lovely and peacefull 2008 with this angel . We went by it in Oslo to day. I think it was great.
Have a lovely day. Have fun and take care. ;-)


Guðrún said...

Thank you for all those lovely pictures. I hope the coming year will be a happy one for you and your family.

May Britt said...

Happy new sewing year!!!

Nadine said...


enjoy your quilting, my friend... I'm sooo glad to meet you soon!

HUGS & smiles from NADINE

ps : aaah, those tin boxes are sooo beautiful !

Chookyblue said...

so many nice things in this post........have fun sewing in 2008 and look forward to seeing it all on your blog.........

Belvie said...

I really like your "Night Before Christmas" stitchery. You got some really nice stitching items and storage items. Now the fun part....stitching and filling the containers!

Anne Ida said...

A very happy new year to you! Lots and lots of sewing in 2008 :o)