Thursday, January 03, 2008

January challenge

May britt has started a January- finish it up-challenge,and I have decide to joy in. Actual I have a lot of WISP's lying around.But I have to start with some, these where the luckey one....
The first are what I got for Christmas from my friend Bjørg. Not a old one, but I love to have made it.
The second one are a little quilt from Art-to-Heart. And it needs to be done fast.
The third one are a little quilt with a stitchery made special for me by Leanne Beasley when she was here in Trysil. It is my parrot Jacob, both on the stitchery and on the photo.
I would love to have the three of these WIPS done by January.May be I even got time to finish a few more..... There are a lot to pick from..... ;-)

I have also add Hannes badage on my sidebar. I realy need to reduce my stash. My number one goal are to make quilts from the fabrics I got and only buy fabrics I REALY needs, untill the annual meeting in NQF. It start on the 4.of April. Then I have to allow meself to by what I want, if I have been clever.
So I have to tell you I have to tighten the control of my buyings.

Untill next time take care and have a look on your stash. :-)


May Britt said...

Good girl :)
Finishing WISPs and reducing stash.

Anne Ida said...

Have fun with your finishings! And best of luck being av good girl until April :o)

Guðrún said...

You have good plans for the month, good luck with it.

atet said...

What fun projects and what a great way to start the new year! Happy new year, may it bring you much love, joy and laughter.

Sweet P said...

Good luck on getting your WISPs done. All of them look like a lot fun.