Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend in Trondheim

Last weekend we went to Trondheim, my husband and I. On Saturday my mother and I went to town. It was "Olavs dagene" Some days to remember St Olav. A "king" who christianze Norway and was killed in a battle in 1030.There are a lot of happening around the cathedral on these Olavs dagene: Celebrate mass for the pilgrims and a fair, as in the good old days, beside the church.

Her are a little glimse from the fair. All the items you can buy are well done, not just cheap trash.
You can even run inn to people you know.... LOL. Abyquilt and her daugther was with us. I wonder what they have found here. We all had a great day walking in the sunny town. We looked in a lot of shops and manage to go to Quiltegarden before it close for the weekend...
And there I got a big surprise..... I had been drawn to win a prize for some coasters I made last year.(My coasters are in the front of the picture.) It was a challenge from NQF s annual meeting on Hell. I use the prize to buy me some great new quilting stuff... Some new fabrics,a new pattern ,made by Brenda Ryan, a yo-yo maker, I have got great new ideas from this blog, and at last..... Cotton Country Quilt, a great Bronwyn Hayes book. It is so fun to go shopping when it was so surprising. Thank you Siw. ;-)
I got more surprises when I came to Trondheim. My mother had made me a great pin cushion. The shoe with the boy and the dog. I love it. I got my self a new thimble from the Cathedral.When I got back to work I even got a thimble from my co-worker Irene, she has been on a trip to Lofoten. Yesterday I made me a little pin cushion from a pattern from the latest edition of Quiltemagasinet. I got the fabrics as little gift from Kim. Luckey me ;-)
My I introduce the newest member of our family, Jonas. He realy looks like a child , but he are a doll my mother has made. She are a great doll maker and has a lot of beautifull porcelain dolls all in great dresses.I will take some photos to show you next time I visit Trondheim.

As you can see I realy had a great trip. ;-)


May Britt said...

Thanks for a great day in trondheim. I'm going back on tuesday and will visit the quiltshop again.........I think LOL

Guðrún said...

Congratulations on winning the prize. Jonas is sitting on some beautiful quilts.

Katie said...

What a wonderful baby doll. I would love to see photos of more of them!

Vigdis said...

Jonas er en skikkelig søt baby(dukke). Og jeg kan skrive under på at han er en veldig grei gutt :)