Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ups and Downs

This last week the luck has not been on my side..... First... I had to go to the dentist, I lost a filling.May be my home made bread had to mutch grain?
Second... My sewing maskine would not stop to spool. So now it is on its way to the repairer once again.....
And for the third have to pay tax arrears. I can't help feeling a little sorry for my self... :-(

But the weather has been great...almost that is...This morning it was 4 degrees below zero.Beautifull but cold. Winter soon???
But for the great happening.... I have got some great new fabrics. Lapphøna gave me a sweet fabrics and a thimble from Røros, after she had been there for a visit.And I got great fabrics from Nemo after she had been at Katrines Quiltestue... ;-)
I have manage to finish some of my smal goal this week. Easy to do small object when I have a lot to think about... I have made "The new couch companion" from Leanne's House and the Thread Catcher from Sue Daley Design. The last of the free patten from the Stitchery Angels Club. If the photo are kind, you can see the light fabrics are same sa the one I got from Lapphøna .But she got it in green. I love the little lady in the print... ;-)

I have also done one more of the Christmas Club kits.... Lovley Xmas Table Toppers From Hatched and Patched. It is so fun to work with felt.
Lynette asked at her blog if we could show Felix and Hugo some "old" items we had made from her pattern. So here yoy can see one of the first little bags I made.It is one of her weekend prosjects called A Bees Life Bag. I have done this months pattern of Noah's Ark - Tortoieses and Birds.Only four more small stitcheries to do...I feel the quilt will be great;-)
In the end for to day.... Jacob has somthing to tell.... (He dare to eat my home made bread. No fillings in his beak.)
Also He ask you all to take care and take care for all your friends. You never know when they need a little Hello and a Hug.
So big hugs from me to all of you. ;-)



Å kor mye fint du ha laget:-)
Ha en fin og kreativ uke
Hilsen fra nord

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I hate when things go wrong like that. Much sympathy. I like the table toppers - so cute.

May Britt said...

Hope your machine get fixed very soon.

You have been busy lately. Love the small stuff you have made.

a BIG HUG from me

See you tomorrow.

gwensmom said...

The dentist, a broken sewing machine AND taxes :( How awful! Hopefully you can now have a run of GOOD luck.

I love the table toppers and thank Jacob for his reminder. He is indeed a wise bird.

Jeni said...

next week will be better
just love the bird

Vigdis said...

Men midt opp i all elendighet har du gjort mye fint. Husk at bakom skyene er himmelen alltid blå :)

Guðrún said...

I hope next week will be better for you.

Chrissie said...

Love your bee bag. I have that pattern waiting in the wings as well.


Tingelingeling said...

Føler med deg.. Når tanna er i orden, er det vel verst med symaskina og var det toll???
Ha en ellers bra dag! Klem.

Hanne said...

A BIG hug to you!!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the pics of where you live.The mountain looks gorgeous. I also think those table toppers are too cute.

Tracy said...

Sooo many lovely things you've shared with busy you've been! Those table toppers are terrific! Jakob reminds me of a gray parrot my uncle once to see! Happy Days to you & yours :o) ((HUGS))