Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Colours

To day I got a vistit from Lappehøna , and she tok this great photo of Jacob.Look how nice and grey his new feather is. He has got a lot new. May be he wants to show how great he can be in summer as vel as all the great colours we can watch every where in early summer.
Here are a photo of my Lupines. I realy enjoy them. Lots of diffrent colours with the bright green leaves and the grass.
I even got colours at night. Some nights ago I took this photo at midnight. If the photo are kind you can see two rainbows.
This are taken at the same time, but poiting up north. The sun are hardly away during the night. Jacob find it hard to sleep. It never goes dark, but to tell a sesret....It is only 6 months untill Christmas, an then it is dark all the time here.
When I see all the colours out doors I want to play with colours too. So this week I have made 7 coasters and two more pin cushions. All in realy great colours. I realy feel I have done a great job.. I don't like to make Paper Pieced Hexagons,and now I have done all this. I feel great. ;-)
Last week the postman has been great with me. ;-) I have got a lot of mail. From Honeysuckle Cottage I got Leannes new pattern,Two Brown hens and Simple Pleasures from Hatched and Patched. I also got a parsel from Nothern Quilts. It was a new Designer Parsel. This time it was a little wall quilt named; Pæresommer. (Pearsummer)
Here are how it turned out. I made it yesterday and to day, so now it hangs in my hall, tellig everybody it realy are summer!
Look what a nice pressent I got from Lapphøna, another thimble from Trysil , this with a bear on.I realy have to be more clever to collect. I'm going to Oslo to morrow , so I have to remember to look for thimbles there......
I think I have something more to look after. I will visit Katrines Quiltestue, and for the first time with a shopping list. :-)
Have a great week, and to all of you who start on you vacation , Have a realy great time!


Chookyblue...... said...

love the rainbow........I saw a huge wondeful one on my way home from town the other day..........

Guðrún said...

I get depressed when you mention that now it is getting darker again!


Ser du har en veldig flott postmann som kommer med så mange skatter:-))
Ha en fin og kreativ uke. Her i nord venter vi på sommeren

May Britt said...

Your coasters are cute. I found some hexagons hidden in my sewingroom so I'll start on some for myself soon.

Vigdis said...

Du har kjempefine bilder igjen. Og samlingen vår med fingerbøler vokser ;)

MouseChirpy said...

Jacob's feathers are absolutely stunning (so is he). What a beautiful shade of gray, almost a heather blue. I love your new pear wall quilt. Very beautifully done.
I'm surprised to hear that your winters are spent in complete darkness. All day long?? Very interesting.

quiltygal said...

Beautiful Jacob, lovely colours very pretty coasters