Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer vacation

I went to Oslo last week. Mostly to get new glasses, but I had to do some shopping too. So Nemo and I went to Katrines Quiltestue, for the first time with a memo. I got all I wanted and a lot more..... I got these fabrics from American Jane Patterns. I love the brigth colours and the suit with my new Tin.Nemo had found them in a shop, and it is obvious that I need one for my summer sewing. ;-) The tin contain letter biscuits, the only food I was allowed to play with when I was a child. I have spelled God sommer. It means Have a nice summer.
I have got some new thimbles. One from Elverum where I work. The one with the Moose. And two from Oslo. One with St. Halvard and the other with The Palace on.King Harald are living there.Once Lapphøna and I went on a guided tour in the Palace,I got my keyring then. You can read Det kongelige slott( Kings palace) on it. But it is sad to tell , on the other side it says ...Copy. ;-) The other keyring I belive I bought when it was Olympics Games on Lillehammer here in Norway.Lynette has a Give-away on her blog if you show your keyrings.
Here are more great buyings from the trip. The pattern from Hatched and Patched and the little dog keyring was on my Memo. But the fabrics just jumped into my shoping bag.....
One of the most importend thing to buy was this fabrics, so I could be able to do the Simple Pleasures Quilt.I love this little book from Hatched and Patched and want to make everything in it. As you can see I have started. One little stitchery done, 11 more to do.It will be my summer relaxation.
At last I want to show some of my roses from the garden. I got vacation and plenty of time to sew and enjoy my self ,so all I have to ask for are some summer days with lots of sun and a little warmth. It has been enough rain..

So to you all... have a great summer.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wonderful pictures of your adventure. Love the fabric and roses.

Guðrún said...

The roses are beautiful. Your buyings are great.

Gina said...

Your roses are gorgeous.

Fabric has a nasty habit of jumping into your basket doesn't it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

MouseChirpy said...

Laila (((Klem)))
Sounds like you had a very nice and eventful trip. I love how the fabric just kinda "jumped" into your cart. Thats too funny! Your stitcherie is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I'm sure it will be gorgeous.
Your roses are just fabulous. I wish I had those in my garden. Take care.

Quiltgirlie said...

I have seen that you have a link to Lynettes page on your sidebar. I would like too but I don't know how. Would you like to help me?
Regards, Britta

Anne Ida said...

Looks like you had a great shopping experience :o) Lots of goodies you brought home with you1