Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to work

On my last day of vacation it was lovely weather and the colours are so sparkling.I love the colours in the autumn. And when the sky are blue ......just great.
Even my neighbours last strawberry ,as they asked me to pick, are glowing.( I'm not hard to ask when I can have it for a dessert.)

I have been seeing some of you have made cupscakes. And it seems so fun and so good so I just have to make some myself. I read in my cakebooks and I found one recipe. It was fun to make the cakes.....and even more fun make the decoration. :-) I will be making more cupscakes. I have to collect things to put on top of the iceing.
I even got mail on my last day of.... A Japanese magasine I had ordred , a " must have it" magasin. But it was great buying. Lots of great ideas. And the next block from " Angels sewing basket"
At the end of the day it was thunder and of course rain.....When the rain stop it looked like this. No wonder we belive in Trolls in Norway. I belive anyone can see a Troll in the fog. :-)

As May Britt has told you there are sale on Lille Stasjon now.And alle these lovely ladies were waiting outside the door when I came to work this morning.
Here are some photo from yesterday when we was making the sale ready. Some ladyes helped us to make 30 cm. We don't have fatquarter , we just tear 30 cm of the fabrics. My colleague and I decide witch fabrics to put on sale and they where working. Great girls.
May Britt needed some Q- vitamines so she playd with Chocolade.....The fabrics I meen. We put the rest of the fabrics on sale. It lasted not for long when we opened the doors to day. :-)
And look what we got in the mail ....... a lot of pattern from Gail Pan and some new from LeanneBeasley . I just love stitching and it is so fun to get new pattern . But it make me want to do even more....I belive May Britt had a great time when she was putt it all in order. I will shaw you wat a great pattern wall we got.....

But now I have to take some time and read in my book.....The Qulters Apprentice.

Good night and take care. :-)


Anne Ida said...

Hi, Looks like you had a busy day back! With a lot of fun in it :o) Oh, I wish I could have been at the sale! I love'd Lille Stasjon when I was there in March! Glad to see May Britt is looking in good mood! That shoulder og hers doesn't sound like much fun :(

Enjoy The Quilter's Apprentice! If you are anything like me you will love it! And speed read the next ones and wait impatiently in line with me for the next book when it comes in November *lol*

Ha en riktig fin helg!
Beste hilsener fra Anne Ida i Oslo

Karol-Ann said...

The fabric sale looks like fun! With all us crazy quilters around the world, I'm not surprised things went fast LOL.

I thought the photo of the fog was so beautiful!!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, those strawberries look delicious. Where do you order the Japanese magazines from.

Guðrún said...

I wish I could have been on the sale, looks like fun. The strawberries just look delicious, my favorites...