Sunday, August 26, 2007

Party at the Dairy

Yesterday after work I was ask to come to a party at my friends dairy. We were some friends and some of their family who was asked to come and celebrate that all the work was done. It is just looking great. All the work that has been done througth the summer(I will show you some photo later.) Even the weather was great. The sun was shining . :-)
It was a big bonfire. After dark I think it could been seen all the way from the mountain.
In school we was always told "to eat all the food at home "when we was having to write a storry abouth some trip... So I will not tell you all about all the delicious food we was served....and what we had to drink.. You can guess by your self. But it was great. I just have to show you the Cake. It was a photo of the dairy on top of it. Printed on the marzipan. And belive it or not : we eate it. ;-) It was a wonderfull and fun evening , so Vigdis if you read this.... Thank you .
On thursday my colleague, my chief and I went to a big fair to buy news to the shop. We were able to see plenty of new item to buy. New pattern and fabrics. And we learn what news to expect in the autumn. We even got some fabrics as a gift from one seller. As you can see they are from Australia. I think I have" to play" with them and make me something. I have wanted to have some Australian-fabrics for some time, and suddenly I got some. I have wanted to go to Australia since my oldest daugther went for a trip and told me what a great country it is.. I wish I have lots of money and time so I cuold travell all the places I like to visit....(Read :all the quilt shops I like to visit ) :-)

We got some new Japanese books for the shop. And belive it or not.....I needed one. I wonder when I have time to make all the great things I want to do from all my books and pattern.....
We even brought back with us a lot of new fabrics to sell in the shop. Great Christmas fabrics.
So I think you know what I do at work this week. :-)

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Guðrún said...

The view from your friends dairy is beautiful and the Cake looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.