Thursday, August 30, 2007

In a hurry

A beautiful picture from the dairy last weekend. The fire was great when it was dark.
This photo are when I was hurrying to catch the bus and go to the fair early in the morning. The clock was only six in the morning.....and I was out of my bed before the sun. :-) It turned out to be a beatiful day.
This was in the mail when I got back from work yesterday.Lucky me. Guess what I got with me in bed. :-) To day I'm hurrying about. I have to do a lot of housewife doings.....I have almost done what I have in my mind now. I'm going to the quilt meeting in Elverum to day, and to morrow I'm going to Trondheim to visit my parents......and Christell and Siw. I hope I don't need somthing...I was thinking about putting my nose in the air and my hands in the pocket and just ask about what Irealy need, but I don't think it will work......I HAVE to tutch and look at all the news....I will tell you how it turned out later.
At last I want to show you my most crazy Ufo......I can not belive I orded this....Ok, it is beatiful ,but all that work.....Some times I think.....I don't know what I'm doing.....But some time....May bee..
Ok. see you later ...I'm on the run. :-)


Belvie said...

Oh my!!! That UFO is beautiful! I can see all the intricate work it requires. There are some beautiful batiks in that piece.

I love your scenery pictures. They are so beautiful. Sure wish I lived where there was scenery like that, but I'm in the Kansas City metro area. Not a lot of pretty scenery near me.

Guðrún said...

Your UFO is so beautiful but a looooot of work. Have a safe trip.

Andrea said...

Will you ever do it? only time will tell. I once ordered a pattern for a paper pieced tiger and when the pattern came it scared me and still does. Maybe one day ???

Karol-Ann said...

That UFO is amazing - if you can spare the time it would be lovely to finish it, but like all of us there are always lots of new things to start LOL!