Thursday, July 05, 2007

Need more bags......?

This is some of my bags. They are all made of japanese fabrics.I use them a lot.....but now I think I need some new....:-) Actual I have some planes to make some this week....I have some new patterns I just HAVE to make. Hopefully I have some bags to show you soon.
This is an old quilt. I made it in 2003 after collecting fabrics fore several years. I wanted all these special fabrics in bright collors. So I collected fore it where ever I went. At last I have so mutch fabrics that I think I could cover a rof. I have found out that I need loots of fabrics but not big pieces. After this quilt I love charm packs.
Yesterday I went to visit May Britt after work.We had a great time looking through all her pattern and books. We realy had a great evening making lots of planes what to make in the summer. I belive there is going to be a lot of stitchery this summer. Hopfully there will be just lazy summer days in the sun.
I didn't leave untill the last bus. It was so fun making all this planes. When I came back to Trysil it was in the middle of the night. It was after one o'clock. It was a odd night,it had been raining and feels like there was going to be thunder. I culdn't cet a clear photo of the local shopping senter because there was a little haze in the air. Still I think it looked great.
Well it was all fore to day. Later I hope I have some new bags to show you. Untill then take care and make lots of summer planes. :-)


Unknown said...

Your bags are just great, I love them, the quilting is so accurate and well done, can´t wait to see more of them.

Jenny said...

I love your creations. Always fun to find a new exciting blog. Keep it up!

Sweet P said...

Beautiful bags. I've started to make some bogs too and I'm enjoying them.

May your summer days be filled with lots of stitchery.

Leslie said...

I love your bags. You have wonderful taste with your fabric choices and patterns.

Carole said...

Wow, nice bags! Love your hallow eve quilt. Thanks for sharing!

Darlene said...

I've just discovered your delightful blog. Your work is exquisite - very, very pretty. I'll be back!

Enjoy your summer days and nights!

QuiltingFitzy said...

My ultimate plan would be to RELAX. Not sure that's going to happen!

I love your bags, can't wait to see what's next.

Courtney Short said...

I love your purses! They are beautiful!! I especially like the one with the girl in the bonnett with the boy.. so cute :-)