Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summer Guests

I got mail from Australia on friday.Hurra !!! It was my ordering from Honeysuckle Cottage.The new book by Anni Downs :A Christmas Story. And a pattern from Cinderberry Stitches : The Needle Keeper. They both are great. Mutch more ideas and things I want to do. May Britt you have something to look foreward to. :-)
Yester day my husband and I went to Oslo to vistitt ours to daughters. The girls and I went on a quick walk in shops. This photo are from Karl Johan. This street are the most famous in Norway. It goes direct to the castle where the king and the Queen of Norway are living.Sorry to tell you : They are out of town this week. They are celebrating the Queens 70 birthday. The castle are the yellow building in the middle of the photo.
I didn't had annyhing quilting in my mind.....But in a shop I saw these mugs, and I understand that I just needed them. They just looks great with some of my leftsover..... And now I have to make me a table topper.I have been thinking what to make of the fabrics fore some time. And now I know what I have to make this week.....
. I did have something on my mind when I get to Oslo....I must have Jelly Beans. I just love them. A good book and sone few Jelly Beans. I can't have better time,except a beautifull day with some of my quilting friends. Or a day with my girls.
We also bought a traveling cage fore Jacob.He didn't looked to happy about the idea, but he does not know what he need. Now he can come out on the porsh in summer time and travell with us some time.
The propper meening of this trip was to fetch my summer job. I will be babysitting nemo's rats while she and her boyfriend are visitting his family in Usa. I think the rats are some persnalitys. It is fun geting to know them......And I work fore fabrics and Jelly Beans.... :-)
This is all fore to day. Have a nice quilting day. :-)


sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Laila, just love your blog!

Unknown said...

A wonderful day out Laila. Love your mugs and fabric for your table topper. Enjoy those jelly beans.

QuiltingFitzy said...

OH! Please keep the rats IN their cage, lol.

I love the cups you purchased, they go with the fabric terrifically!

Teodo said...

ciao Laila
I like your new book and too the colours of the fabrics that are like the mugs.

The bags in last post are BELLISSIME.

Thanks for te beautiful pics.
ciao ciao

Unknown said...

How can you look after the rats :( The mugs are lovely and I just love the needle keeper pattern. You know I have been on Karl Johan :)

TO BECOME said...

Hello, It is so nice to meet you. I love your cups and the idea for the table. I also like birds, I am babysitting two of my grand daughters while they are on vacation. It has been fun so far, waking up to their songs.

Now the rats, that is something so different-----lol. Not for me that is for sure. I don't like rats, they scare me. I will be coming back to visit more. connie from Texas