Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got mail.

Look what I got from Gudrun. I feel so lucky. I just love the pattern. It is from Iceland . Now I think I have to send her one from Norway. But she are clever to write in Danish , so I think the reading will be easy to her. I think I understood enough to make the lovely little bags. Great fun. And the fabrics....just lovely. I have to make something of them. My first mail from a blog friend.
This are what I meet when I got up early yesterday morning....After sometime I is the SUN. It have not been seeing for quite some time.It seems healthy and in good shape. Great for me ,I start my hollydays to day.
I want to show you a little flash of the store where I work. We have been tidy it up for the summer tourists. This is just a little corner of it.You can see the frabrics from japan on the top shelf. We have lots more fabrics...almost 1700 diffrent fabrics when I last count.
At last: this quilt is an old one. I just love making tumbling blocks.I have made them in several diffrent ways. I will show you later. Now I have to get out in the sun. :)
Have a lovely sunday. Endjoy it.


Unknown said...

What lovely fabrics and an adorable pattern. Blog mail is so much fun to receive. Enjoy your vacation.

Katie said...

How wonderful it must be to work surrounded by all those lovely fabrics!

Andrea said...

Just found your blog and I love it ! How lucky you are to work in a quilt shop.

Unknown said...

I am glad you liked it. We have had the sun this summer which usually is shining on you in Scandinavia, it decided it was time to shine a little on Iceland ;) June is the fourth hottest ever. I think I could count the rainy days but the weather will change next weekend.

atet said...

What a fun package and your shop looks like such fun! That tumbling block quilt is lovely. I've always been scared of that pattern.