Thursday, July 19, 2007

Visitor in the zoo

Yesterday I got a visit from my friend Lisbeth.We had make greats plans for the day. We should do a lot of quilting.And we did....but we had to spoil the rats a lot to. In fact we feed them whith so mutch vegetables that I have to clean the hutch twice yesterday. It didn't smell good. :-)
I think he summer are so bad that I just have to finish a lots of ufoes. This are a little stitchery from Nothern quilts.
The sayings on it are " ingen dag uten kaffe" Meening : Not a day without coffe.I just had to do a little quilting and of course the binding. I'm not a great fan of making bindings , but I feel so good when they are finish.

This is Lara . The last of my summer guest. She are only staying for a short week. She belongs to my oldest daugther ,who are away for a few days.
I have been looking to all your great pincushions ,so I just had to take a picture of some of mine.The yellow and red flower like and the one with green underside I have got from Nemo.
The little in front are made in silver. It is my mother who have made it.
I have been making purses lately. So god to make something easy and fast. The two with hexagons are a idea I got from Gudrun . And the one with strawberry I bought as a kit from Jordbærstedet when NQF had the meeting at Hell this spring.
I have also been able to make this bag. It is a designer pattern from Nothern Quilts.I got the pattern and the fabrics in mail. They make designer pattern with kits four times in the year. You never know what you got. I like not to know what I needs. :-) At last I want to show you a visitor who don't belong in my zoo. It was not so happy when it saw Lara on the porch. I think the squirrel had ment to look in the birdhouse for some sunflower-seeds.
At last I just have to tell you....I god a sms from Nemo telling me that she has fund a quiltstore in LA. She had bought som fabrics. I cant wait to see. She has a great time . They are going to Las Vegas to day. Lucky girl.

I have sign up to a Stitchery Swap at Coffee Thime Quilt Studio. And I know what to do, I will make a smal wallhanging . It is a fried of me who have made the pattern. Great fun to see what I got in return.


Sweet P said...

Thanks for signing up for the stitchery swap. I'm getting excited.

The wall hanging is cute. Describes me perfectly I can't love without my morning cup of coffee. I like all your pincushions too.

Greenmare said...

I LOVE THAT COFFEE wall hanging!!!!!!!!!
My very thoughts exactly! life without coffee is just unthinkable!

Solveig said...

Du den kaffequilten din ble bare super. Vet du hvor du har fått tak i den lekre quilteborden?

Sølvi said...

sorry feil avsender på forrige melding, skal være sølvi ikke solveig