Monday, July 30, 2007

A busy week

The local team won the game. :) I didn't believe they would . but they manage to win 3-1
The team they was meeting are one of the top in Norway and ours team are on the third level.
The game are Norway championship.If they manage to win two more games, they will play the gold game...... But there are a big IF.....
It was hard to see the players... it was 3750 peoples who follow the game. And when it was almost nothing to stand on , you can imagine how mutch I could see of the game. But I heard it...
It took more or less two days before my ears was quite right.

It was all the noice from all the fanclub. This is where they are sitting....or standing. They have named themselves " ælg-berget" Ælg are the lockal name of elg in Trysil. You can see the head of one on the wall. It is a sort of moose. I don't know the real name in english.
It was realy lovely day on the game.....but it didn't last. Yesterday it was a terrible wether. It was raining and a hailstorm. As you can see on the awning. I want sun and warm wether!!!!

The only good thing about it are : I don't need to water my blooms. ;)

Yesterday I finich my third block of Angel's sewing basked. It is a Gail Pan Designs. And I got it fas a bom from Honeysuckle Cottage. I love bom. I can just make them and I got the fabrics and all I need.So I don't have to think about fabrics and colours. And I got a lot of leftovers. ;)
This are one of my old and beloved table-runners. It is a old pattern from Little quilts. I belive I only used old fabrics from Debbie Mumm. It is all made by hand. I love the pattern from LQ.They are so wonderfull.
I have been washing my fabrics. I need to have somthing to do. I have carpenters to change all the windows in the house. So I need to get away and do somthing while they are taking over the house.:) And making new toppers seem a great idea I think. I will show you what I manage to make this week next time...
This are a summer bloom,late summer bloom, cald "eldmørsje" in my local dialect. In english it will be "gloow in the dark".Because when the light hits it in the dark it seems like glowing. But when I see it ,it tells me that the summer are almost gone. Sad, because I don't feel there has been any summer at all.
This is the ditch beside my house. Just lovely but almost atumn flowers.... I need some sun.
I hope all of you has had a lovely summer and all of you who has winter .....dream abouth summer and endjoy all the fun in winter time.
But to tell you in the end.....It has been a lovely summer with lots of visitors and fun...BUT I miss some hot sunny days. :-)


Linda said...

Laila your stitcheries are just adorable. Although the weather isn't good, it give you a reason to sit and stitch.

Belvie said...

Laila, your little angel stitcheries are so cute. I really like your table runner too. Your quilting is wonderful!

You mentioned summer almost being over. I was thinking that autumn will soon be here too. Autumn is my favorite time of the year.


I love the beautiful quilted table runner. The flowers are great. So sorry you are having so much rain. We are just in mid summer here. It is just now beginning to get real hot. It was 94% today. Have a good week. connie from texas

Greenmare said...

Laila, if I could give you some of our hot summer weather I would! I'ts 10:00 at night and it's still in the 80's here. I love all your pretty blocks and embroideries. soooooooo pretty!

Gail said...

so lovely to see my BOM stitched, it looks great. we are in winter at the moment but it is not too cold!!