Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just a little hello

This is a picture of my little town. Now you can see that I live in a great forest,from old times called : the seven mil forest. And a mil that I talk about are 10 kilometres. If you look well you can see the bridge. I live near by it.
This quilt is another of my playing with leftovers. This time from The Timbleberries clubs.We have been making Thimbleberries clubs in the shop in some years. Great fun. :-)
Here are one of my....just have to try. It is all made of silk, all except the batting. I just had to try silk-painting.It was great fun and I have to make something . So I did this little flower quilt.I don't know if I can call it a miniature, but it is smal.
To day I had a nice visitor in the shop. It was May Britt and bring all this magasines fore me to borrow.My daugther didn't think it was kind. Oh dear , she say, then you will find plenty more you have to try. Some you just want to do. And a lot you JUST MUST MAKE. I did't know she know me that well..... but she are a quilter her self. :-) I also got a newsletter from KeepsakeQuilter in the mail.So I have to sit down and dream of all I need from it. The same daugther of mine are going to USA soon. She and her boyfriend are going to Los Angles and Minnesota. His grandmother are living in a smal town named Bemodji.And I wounder if any of you lovely girls know some shops where she can buy fabrics and other quiting items. At last I want to show you what a clever girl May Britt are. Here she are making bindings on our new coasters. She did't want me to show you how clever she are.....but I did't hear that.I think it is a lovley picture of a nice quilter. And she are going to "kick my ass" I just have to stand untill it it heal it self.:-)
Ok. now I just have to look in the magasines , and dream. This night KeepsakeQuilter has to go to bed with me........I'm gonna to have lots of dreams this night.
I hope you all have sweet dreams to night. :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It has been a lovley day

To day I'm going to show you the mother-quilt of my leftovers.As some of you maybe can see it it is made of Art to Hart fabrics.I just love the angel's and stars.And in this quilt I put them together. It was when I made the stars I got the leftovers.
And here it is: the little one. I have not finish it yet, but I think you want to have a little look.I think I'm gonna have some stitching and some buttons on it. I will try to work on it before and after work. I'm going to work tomorrow. And I exspect May Britt to come and drink a cup coffe with me. :-)
I don't only make little quilts. This are one I have in my living-room. It is made of Thimbleberry fabrics and are made on my sewing machine. But I have hand quiltet it.I'm a bit proud of it. I think it are more of a proper quilt, not the one I'm playing with.:-)
Yesterday I sat in my backyard and suddenly I understand I live in a "hopefull" world. In Norway we have a saying :Håpet er lysegrønnt. It meens somting like this: the hope are light green. And every thing in my garden was verry green. I just love to live where the year looks diffrent in summer.winter,spring and fall.I hope I can show you pieces from my world. And love to see how your year are in your corner of our world.

At last I will show you a photo of Trysil by night. I took it in the middle of the night.The clock are just before 24.oo I 'm standing on the bridge from the pickture with snow. I¨m walking home from a lovley meeting with one of my quilting grups. We had a lovley evening.Here in Norway the nights are not dark and the sun get up almost before I go to sleep.

Now I think I'm going to say godby fore to day.....And remember don't sleep away the summernights.....when ever you got them. :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thank you everyone

I just want to say thank you to every one of you. You have been so kind to me. This rose from my garden are to all of you. It has been quite scary every time I got a mail.

To day I'm thinking to tell a little bit more about my self and show you some of my work. This is an old work. It are one of my oldes quilt...I don't know if I can call it a quilt. When I make it I didn't know anything about quilting. It is made with english-paperpiecing, but I took the fabrics I got. Some are from old curtains and other are from old christmas table toppers. I had a dream of making a big quilt, but by any reason it was just forgotten. Untill suddenly I found it and knew it was a tree. I just had to put on a trunk. I didn't knew about batting and quilting so it is just the top. I have had it in my bedroom eversince.

This is one other quilt who I just love. It is a miniature. I just can't stop making them.I enjoy sitting and play with smal pieces and leftovers. Realy I think I don't have to buy big fabrics....I love smal pices and some times I got leftovers from other quilters. What a happy day.....making something from fabrics I didn't buy. Diffrent from what I choose. Exciting...To day I have been playing with this small pieces.....They are leftover from another smal quilt I have made.....I will show you later.

Now I just have to say good night.... Sleep well.

Monday, June 25, 2007


May Britt has left the building and I'm all by myself....

It is mutch easyer to look to others blog than making mine. But I must give it a try. My english are a bit rusty, but I'll give it a try.

I live in Trysil and I have been making quilts fore some times now. Almost 15 years. I startet whith some books and a very good friend.We read and tryed....and we sucessed! This is how I get hooked up.And I loved it!

This photo are Trysil on the 14.of june. And yes it was snowing....

If you have think you have heard about Trysil lately ,mybe it is because Leann Beasley are comming. Lucky me!This is my Leanns house quilt.
This is my first try to blog but I'll be back with more photo and more to tell. Untill then take care....

I'm starting my blog

My first attempt to blog. May Britt (abyquilt) is visiting me and she has tricked me to start blogging. Who I am : Thats a good question, well I live in Trysil. Married and have two girls and a Red tailed parrot called Jacob.That's why I named my blog Jacobs Quilt.
I work in Lille Stasjon. The quiltstore who May Britt has shown you a lot of photos from.I love to quilt and have ideas and fabrics on my mind all the time. I collect fabrics, patterns and books dreaming of all the ting I can make. Come back later and I will show you some of my work.