Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the Quilt Annual meeting...

Last weekend we packed our trunk in the car and went to Stokke and this years Annual Meeting in NQF.Not long after the start we saw 3 mooses. WOW they are big and luckey for us they just walk across the road.
There was a lot happening at the Quilt meeting. Lots of ladies, old and new friends, shops ,classes and meeting. I went only to have a great time and to spend some time with great friends... But I had to go to the lecture by Yoko Saito.A brilliant quilt artist, She didn't speak english but the interpreter did her best so we learn a little from her work. She have made 25 books and has a lot of peoples to help her. Yoko had two quilts in the show... Big quilts with a lot of tiny applique...
I had to take some close up photos..... Look at this butterfly..I wonder if I ever manage to do sutch beautifull appilque...

This is another of Yokos quilts.If you want to see more from the classes and the show, look at May Britt and Hannes blogs.
The whole happening was at Brunstad Conference Center in Stokke. Our "home" for the weekend was one of these little cabins close to the sea. But it was only used to sleep and late nigths relax. Most of the time we were shoping- looking and haveing great time with other quilt ladies and great friends...
When I got home I found this kit in my mail box. The second bag kit from QFD. So now I'm looking forward to do Natalie Ross's Beach House Bag. I love the colours and the fabrics.
Ok- ok .... I did bring some stuf home from the Quilt meeting LOL I got two thimbles- one from the Registration bag and the other from Tønsberg, the near by town. I went there with some great friends visiting two quiltshops. Lenes hobby and Quiltefryd. I found a lot to buy..... Some fabrics and a lot of batting. I have some ufo'es to finish... ,-)
Here are some of my buying... I got three books -Baskets made from cloth by Yoko Saito, If quilts could talk by Whimsicals and Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys.Lots of - want to do- in those books. :-) The frabrics on this photo I was so luckey to win. And I got a lot of thread.... Cosmo Marble Thread and Cottage Garden Thread. It is so fun to be able to try the thread I have seen on blogs. Cottage Garden Thread you can get from Quiltegården and Cosmo thread from Katrines Quiltestue.I love to stitch with the both of them .
I even got me some new fabrics, and a kit. I fell in love with this little quilt the first day. It is 12 little houses around one a littel bigger.You can find a photo here. I got an idea what to make from some of this fabrics, and hope to show you soon . The rest of the fabrics are just because..... But I realy need them ;-)

When thinking back to this trip I had some bitter-sweet experiences, but now it is time just to look forward and forget....With some of my closest and dearest friends I have started to save money for the next Quilt Annual Meeting. It will be in Tromsø, a town up in the north of Norway. I have never been there before so it will be a great opportunity to see more of Norway.

Untill next time take care of your friends and yourself ;-)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something old - Something new...

I have been traveling around these last weeks too..... ;-) My last trip was to visit Emma when she was sick. Not great to be little and sick for the first time. I hope she will be well again soon. She and her mum will come and stay with us for Easter - and we will celebrate her first birthday here. Can you belive she are almost 1 year...
The last time they were her it was OL - and I belive Cyan got hooked. Here she are on the table watching Petter Northug.
But now I'm looking forward to Easter and after that SPRING. I hope the snow will melt away and there will be warm sunny days soon. But I'm not the only one. I saw this Gull in Oslo. It seems a bit cold on the feet.
I have manage to do some finish this month too. The first are this" relax" little wall quilt.I got some "Cottage Garden Threads" and had to try it. It is great to stitch with ;-) The pattern are from Natalie Bird's book All Creatures Great & Small. Some of the photos in this blog are realy relaxed..... I have start to use Picasa - but it don't play to well with me all the time... More to learn....
More relax finish--- The last from the Stitchery of the Month Club. Strawberry & Creem by Lynette Anderson.A needle case and a sewing bag. So now I have done all of the kits. This has been a great BOM from Under the Mulberry Tree.
The reason I call this blog "somthing old - something new" are partly this.... I have restarted on this old--- Eh realy old Bom. I got my last block 5 years ago...I only have to finish one block now and the borders. The quilt are called "Wildberry Vines" by Nancy Odom.
And the New start are this----- The first block of Down in the Garden by Leanne... I have been looking forwart to start on this quilt ever since I saw Leanne stitch on it when she and Gail where in Trondheim.Great quilt who bring back great memories.
It is so fun to look at the diffrent colours and fabrics in the two quilts. Both looks great in their own way.

At last I have one more little finish.... A little table runner made with small samplers and old fabrics after a idea fromTrine Bakkes new book "Andre Lappesaker"A new book with "old" ideas. I have to make more from this book..

To morrow I have to start to pack and get ready for this years Annual Quiltmeeting.
I wonder what I "realy need" this year.....
I will show and tell you next time..
Have a great weekend- I know I will :-)