Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still Focus.....

This summer I'm so luckey to be able to have some of my quilting items for sale in the shop at the Museum here in Trysil.
Here you can see some of my items with some of the other items for sale. A lot of lovely items. Knitting, sewing, glass works,wood work,cards,rugs .... a lot of great gifts ideas..
And look at thise old bed....It was fun to decorate the old house with sale items.
At home I have been focus on my UFO pile.... This is the progress on A Kittens Tale... Still wonder why I stop making it... But now I hope to have it on my wall realy fast :-)
I have been playing with my Girlish Quilt too.... As some of you may be notice it is made from two diffrent UFO's... I put it together with some of my Cake and Cupcake fabrics. ( wonder why I buy all these odd fabrics... But they are great to play with LOL )

At last I want to tell you there are a Give away going on at Nemo's blog... A great Norwegian book... Just in case you want to be a part of it. :-)

Hugs :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Counting my Blessings....

To day May Britt , Hanne and I have been digging deep into our UFO piles , and this is my BOM pile... Hmmm it seems i have some work to do. The most difficult decision are "where to start - witch BOM wins?"....
Here are the winner... A kittens Tale..I have been working on block 3 today, and it is almost done.. I have also manage to do 30 Pinwheel blocks for the quilt... This are going to be my focus now....
But in the UFO pile there were other treasures... some blocks from other BOMs , now I'm going to make me a Girlish quilt. Just because... Hope to show you realy soon.... :-))
I have manage to finish someting also... two tiny pincushions made from screw caps from Cola bottels. Cute and fun to make .-)
Nemo and I also made us a sewing boxes after a Sue Daley pattern. Isn't it great. It looks great on the table where I stitch and do my hand sewing.
At last but not least.... My In the Garden are done..... Not exact as it was ment to be.. but why shall one read the pattern ... LOL... and there are some slip in it... But it is mine and I love it.
In the end i will show you my new "bunch of flowers"..I got all this thread together with more Debbie Mumm fabrics from Hanne. Thank you Hanne I love the Mailbox surprice. :-)

Ok, this are what are going on here by me now, I will be clever and work hard to reduce my UFO pile...Hope to show you some progress soon..

Untill then have fun with all your UFO's :-)


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer time....

To day
some of my friends from Elverum come for a visit..... So I had to keep my promise from a long time ago... I had to make cup cakes and fill the cake stand. Cup cakes are fun and easy to make, it is the decorate who take time .. and are the most fun.
We had a great day on the porch.. It was a sunny, warm day... At last I hope the summer time are her to stay. It is so great to be able to sit outside and stitch again after the long winter...
I have been doing a lot of cooking the last week... Some days ago it was summer end in my Quilt grup too.... For them I had to try Leannes Raspberry Crumble from Vignette issue 2.. and yes I made it with Cloudberries. I served it with ice cream.. It tasted soooo great, I know I will make it again. :-)

This evening was a cold one , so we had to sit in doors... it looks like we had to have a lot of liqueur to stay warm, but we didn't drink it all..... A lot of stitching and laughing this evening too...
I have got some new friends in my garden too after my birdhouse was repaired and home again.. a busy little brown fellow... the sweetest little squirrel, who dare to come and have some food even when we are sitting on the porch talking....
and a boy and a girl Bullfinch. For a day or two I belive they was looking for hireing the top floor.. As you can see on the photo the boy are trying to get the girl closer to have a better look at the flat :-) I belive she prefer a quiet nest out in the woods, and just come and get some food by me...
I have not only been cooking and chatting with my friends lately, I have manage to do some "real" work too.... I have manage to make me a new sewing folder... Done atlast, I bought the pattern in Gøteborg 2 years ago... Lot of work, but done now. One UFO less. ;-)

I'm still playing with Paper Piceses and hope to have more to show next time, untill then I hope the summer are here to stay..

Hugs :-)