Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer vacation

I went to Oslo last week. Mostly to get new glasses, but I had to do some shopping too. So Nemo and I went to Katrines Quiltestue, for the first time with a memo. I got all I wanted and a lot more..... I got these fabrics from American Jane Patterns. I love the brigth colours and the suit with my new Tin.Nemo had found them in a shop, and it is obvious that I need one for my summer sewing. ;-) The tin contain letter biscuits, the only food I was allowed to play with when I was a child. I have spelled God sommer. It means Have a nice summer.
I have got some new thimbles. One from Elverum where I work. The one with the Moose. And two from Oslo. One with St. Halvard and the other with The Palace on.King Harald are living there.Once Lapphøna and I went on a guided tour in the Palace,I got my keyring then. You can read Det kongelige slott( Kings palace) on it. But it is sad to tell , on the other side it says ...Copy. ;-) The other keyring I belive I bought when it was Olympics Games on Lillehammer here in Norway.Lynette has a Give-away on her blog if you show your keyrings.
Here are more great buyings from the trip. The pattern from Hatched and Patched and the little dog keyring was on my Memo. But the fabrics just jumped into my shoping bag.....
One of the most importend thing to buy was this fabrics, so I could be able to do the Simple Pleasures Quilt.I love this little book from Hatched and Patched and want to make everything in it. As you can see I have started. One little stitchery done, 11 more to do.It will be my summer relaxation.
At last I want to show some of my roses from the garden. I got vacation and plenty of time to sew and enjoy my self ,so all I have to ask for are some summer days with lots of sun and a little warmth. It has been enough rain..

So to you all... have a great summer.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Colours

To day I got a vistit from Lappehøna , and she tok this great photo of Jacob.Look how nice and grey his new feather is. He has got a lot new. May be he wants to show how great he can be in summer as vel as all the great colours we can watch every where in early summer.
Here are a photo of my Lupines. I realy enjoy them. Lots of diffrent colours with the bright green leaves and the grass.
I even got colours at night. Some nights ago I took this photo at midnight. If the photo are kind you can see two rainbows.
This are taken at the same time, but poiting up north. The sun are hardly away during the night. Jacob find it hard to sleep. It never goes dark, but to tell a sesret....It is only 6 months untill Christmas, an then it is dark all the time here.
When I see all the colours out doors I want to play with colours too. So this week I have made 7 coasters and two more pin cushions. All in realy great colours. I realy feel I have done a great job.. I don't like to make Paper Pieced Hexagons,and now I have done all this. I feel great. ;-)
Last week the postman has been great with me. ;-) I have got a lot of mail. From Honeysuckle Cottage I got Leannes new pattern,Two Brown hens and Simple Pleasures from Hatched and Patched. I also got a parsel from Nothern Quilts. It was a new Designer Parsel. This time it was a little wall quilt named; Pæresommer. (Pearsummer)
Here are how it turned out. I made it yesterday and to day, so now it hangs in my hall, tellig everybody it realy are summer!
Look what a nice pressent I got from Lapphøna, another thimble from Trysil , this with a bear on.I realy have to be more clever to collect. I'm going to Oslo to morrow , so I have to remember to look for thimbles there......
I think I have something more to look after. I will visit Katrines Quiltestue, and for the first time with a shopping list. :-)
Have a great week, and to all of you who start on you vacation , Have a realy great time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Friends.

Last week was a lovely week. I had my birthday and had a lot of fun with my friends. Here are a spontaneous clebration in the shop, thanks to Abyquilt who brought the cake.The cake was excellent and so are the girls to.
I even got some quilting present together with all the other wonderful presents I got.I got one new thimble (from Hønefoss)and fabric with Sunbonnet Girl. Nemo realy made me speechless. She had made me to giftbags and filled them with Jelly Bean and Skittles( I even got Skittles together with a beautiful T-skirt from my oldest daugther)I have two lovely daugthers. But it was the books that I got from Nemo and her boyfriens that made me speechless.All the three Pattern books from Elm Creek.Guess who has a lot of ideeas and things she want to do.... ;-)
Almost as a birtday gift I got this wonderfull Spring Fling Round Robin to call my own. Marissa has made the center.Kate the first border. Kari the second border and Carol has quilted it. They has made a great job. I love it. Thank you girls.
I was clever last week , I took a trip to Lappehøna on my bicycle. The first time this year. I will try to do it more often this summer.Here are Lapphøna with one of her hen, name Anne Siri. I belive the hen think she are one of us girls. She use to came running to get some comfort and have a chat with us. ;-)
Look wat I found on my trip. Lily Of the Valley and a new quilt magasine.Quilts and More. There are some great ideas in it. I have started to do some coasters in bright colours.I will show you later. Look how great the bag I got from Gail suit my bike.
My friend Lisbeth where staying one night last week, so we had to invite Lappehøna to chat and have a little workshop.We had to inagurate my new sewing area. In advace Lisbeth and I had to go to the Golf links. We had to get Tee. Not as easy as I belive it would be.We could not get it in the other sports shops near by. But after a lot of laughing and telling what we should do with it we got it. No problem to buy, but I didn't know how it looks like or how tall I wanted it to be. The girl in the shop had to visit Arlettes blog to see. Take a look , it is filled with great ideas.
Here are our flowers. Pin cushions to put in a reel. The Tee are the stem.Are they not cute ;-)
I got this from Lappeguri. Thank you ,you are so kind. I want to pass it on to some of the great blogs I read. First I want to give it to Lapphøna. Then to Nemo. I love also to read Chookyblue, Gudrun's and Quiltoholic's blogs as wel. Plus a lot more great blogs.

Have a great week, tacke care and have fun. ;-)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Present in Mail

The other day I got a lovely present in the mail from Nadine. I got a Japanece Book with Sunbonnet Girls (I love this little girl) a summer nedlecase and Belgium Chocolate. A lovely surprice. Thank you Nadine. KLEM ;-)
So I have to ask Lapphøna over for some coffe and chocolate. We had a great time on the porch. Talking of all the things we want to make -and should have done.
This weekend I manage to do two Bom. The little from Lynette , with two lovely kangaroos under a warm sun. And the little Sunbonnet Girl from Little quilt.On this I write the name of the month in Norwegian.
At last I want to send a big Thank you to Nadine with this photo of the lilac in my garden.
Have a lovely week. I know mine are going to be just that...... Tell you more later. Hugs.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer time

Here are a photo from Elverum Quiltelags last meeting before summer. As last year we were so luckey to be invited back to the great dairy. This time the weather was so great that we stayed out doors. May Britt has a lot of photos on her blog from May 2007.
May Britt and I realy had a great time, with lots of food and less quilting.We did bring something to work on, but didn't work too hard.I have not beeing to clever on the quilting area these days. I'm still working on my new sewing area and we have had some visitors in the weekend...I'm not the only one who are clearing in my sewing room. Have a look at Quiltgal's blog and have a look. She are having a "give away"
But I'm working on this Spring Fling Round Robin. I have started to quilt it and it is almost ready to go out in the world to his owner.I'm looking forward to get my ....
Last week I got my PIF pressent from Gail. A beautiful bag. I love it and it has been with me several times already. It will be my summer bag this year. Thank you Gail. I have started on my PIF gift to. So the owner don't have to wait to mutch more....
I have been out in my garden picking flowers( befor my husband started to cut the grass) I love the "For-get-me-not" flowers and want to share it with you all.A little summer greeting to you all in Blog-land.
Here are the visitor I was telling you about.... My oldest daughters cat,Cyan.She are a Russian blue, 6 mnd old and just lovely.Look at her green eyes.Green as the gras.She walkes in a leash, and thanks for that,she are sooooo fast.She lives in Oslo so she realy enjoyed to lie in the gras looking at the birds and the flies.
She and Jacob realy had a great time.I was sitting and reading when I suddenly heard Jacob was making sounds, as he does when he is having a great time.( Cozy-sounds almost like a cats purr.)
When I looked I saw why....He had a visitor in his cage.Cyan found it so fun to play with Jacob. When he was sitting quiet to long she gave him a little push with her paw, but no claw, just to make him move.But I don't dare to trust them for real,I never know what could happen if they got to playfull. But it will be great fun to watch them when they meet again next time.

I hope you all will have a great time untill next time. I have some stitching projects.. Noas Ark and some more...I will show you later...See you ;-)