Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Spoiled at Christmas.

I have been a part of SSCS 2015 this year..  And look what I got from Deb.It is do beautifull. 
I will heng it in a perfect place for me and my friends to enjoy it :-)
Thank you Deb :-) 
Thank you Donna for hosting the swap again this year. I'm sending you big hugs. I'm so sorry for your lost.
This Christmas has been great with all the kids and their parents at home. Lovely busy days with 4 kids  from 9 months - to almost 7 years. 
The weather are strange this winter.Almost no snow,few degrees below zero ,but to be here,a lot of wind. We had a no televisjon weekend,from Christmas day untill monday. My TV dish almost blew down. But we actually didn't miss TV .... 

There are something I miss.... The sun... Yes I know it is the dark time of the year, but when it is no snow the days are realy short and dark.  The photo above are from ca 9 o'clock this morning... Sun rise... 
The last photo was ca 12 to day... Still no sun,but beautifull clouds.. 
As a lasy blogger as I'm I want to wish you all A Happy New Year. A little early,but suddenly it is by the end of January ....  
Have fun an take care... I will be back in 2016 .... Sometimes ... Hugs :-)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Waiting for Christmas...

Santa has been here....
I have got my SSCS gifts from ????  In Australia.
One gift for Christmas ,one to open at once .....and Maltesers.
I love Maltesers ,but they are so difficoult to get here in Norway.
Hmmm... Wonder who my partner are...I wonder how she know that. 

The gift I was allowed to open was this great angelornament. 
Beautifull angel who are going to stay in my home all the time. 
Thank you so mutch " partner " I hope it is ok to open my next gift 
on the 24. As we does with all our present here in Norway ;-)
I have been busy getting ready for Christmas lately. Making christmasgifts,cleaning my house and doing all the other things I use to do.... 
But I had to play with some selvedges and make me a new bag or two.. Easy and fun to do :-)
We had a werry short winter this year... In Norway we sometimes says : summer was on monday this year, this year winter was on a monday. It was beautifull with snow and some cold weather.White and brigth, but it did not stay for long. The rain came and made all into ice... 
There was iceroses on the window in my garage. It looked like beautifull laces.
I hope the winter will be back before my Christmas guests arrive. 
Hope you all will have a great Christmas .... There are more busy days fore me getting ready,and as I'm a lazy blogger I'm saying it to nigth. 
Big hugs....( may bee I will be back soon )   :-)