Saturday, September 28, 2013

Still busy...


I'm still busy,but I have manage to do a little quilting items... This cute little doll are one of two men ,
known as Mr Dill. This is Mr Talking Dill ,the other was named Car Dill,but as the name tell ,he has
gon on a big trip... Mr Dill's dog are a Molly Make kit.. Just the kind of dog that fit in my life....:-)

I have done some "real" quilting too,this is an old UFO from years ago... From before I got the idea of " getting sick " of making buttonhole stitches... So now I feel so great..It is done and on my wall... Yeh :-))

More done items... The little book,are a kit from my visit in,I have not have a show and tell from there... Hmmmm... I use the book to store my cards in. And the hat..are from a little class I got in Kristiansund, ups again..more to tell..

This only tell , I have to be doing more posts verry soon...

But untill then...have a great week end. Hugs :-)