Sunday, August 31, 2008

Great weeks

There has been some great weeks her.... My brother and his sons from France has been visiting. It is the first time the boys have been in Norway during the summer. An a lot was happening around her. My parents came and stayed in their cabin. Her are some swans sviming in the lake close to the cabin. My camera is not so good, but the white spots are not snow. ;-)
We took the boys to a show of old cars.Cyrian took a lot of photos of the cars. There was realy some great cars.....
On saturday we celebrate my brothers 50 years birthday. Cyan and her mother came as well as my youngest brother with his family. It was a great time. Not often we all mee. Cyan realy liked the flowers.( she ate them)
Jacob love to have visitors and hope to be in one of their suitcases on their return.....or was he looking after what they took with them??? Any way he was walking after my brother to watch what he was doing.
The boys realy took it all out. Wonder if Cyan fell a sleep before he got in the bed...
My quilting time has been a little broken these last weeks, but I have manage to make this miniature and post it out in the world for my partner at the Miniature Booty Swap Round 2.I love to make small quilts. This quilt are all made by hand. I have to make one for my self soon .
I have also got some great gifts. From Aldi in Spain I got all this. A Thimble from La Rioja and all the other great suff she had made for me. Thank you so mutch Aldi I love it.
I even got two thimbles from some great friends in Elverum. From Inger I got one from Skiblander( a boat on Mjøsa) and from Anne-Britt I got one from Besseggen. I got a card from Jørann. She are in Beijing to cheer the Norwegian handball team. And they did a great job, both the girls on the team and the cheer set. The Norwegian girls got the gold medal. ;-)
The Cup cake can I found in a store the other day. It called out for me wanted to be filled with Chocolate Mix Skittles. ( a little secret just for me..... ) ;-)
I almot forgot to show you a photo of Cyan and Swan trying to get the heat back after a little bath in the lake by the cabin. Great with fire in the open fireplace.It is in the center of the cabin,exact as in the "Logcabin" block.
On our way back home we happen to meet this guy on the road. It is a Tiur (wood grouse) The first time I manage to get a photo of one of them. They are realy big birds.

Now I'm of to start a lot of sewing...I got three days just to sew and a lots of things to do.I hope to show you what I manage to make. Before I'm of to work again on thursday. To morrow I'm going to post a little "Hello" to my secred partner of the Stitchers Angel Swap......

Untill next time.....Take care and have fun

Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Weekend

This weekend has been so busy and sooo great. Nemo has been at home,there has Trysil Utvandrer Stevne and I have been in a wedding.So to day I feel a little tired, but I have prepare for my next visitors. My brother and his boys are comming from France to night.So this week will be a great family week.
Above you can see a photo from the wedding. The new married couple are going on a little trip with a horse-cart.It was a lovely wedding.
Nemo had some great job done this weekend. She had to try my new sewing area basting a kit she got with my brother from USA. She also had more done, but I think she will tell about it on her blog. So I will keep it a secret....
I manage to do the binding of this little table runner, made of fabrics I bought on the NQF meeting this spring at Olavs gård.
On friday I meet some great Quilting ladies from USA.They where at Trysil Stevnet. I have been so luckey to get mail from three of them. They found my blog seeking for Trysil.Here we are standing in front of a great quilt they had made. All the people from Amerika had theirs signature on it. What a great gift! The girls are: Gloria Lundblad and Carolyn Omland Loken,both from Alexandria, Minnesota. Me, Nemo,Synøve from Trysil,Tulla from South Haven, Minnsota. It is Gloria and Carolyn who has made the great quilt. Thanks to Gloria I have got all the name put in order. ( Thank you Gloria)
Nemo and I was so luckey to get Ivy and Tulla on a short visit.They had a realy full program. It was so great to had some time to talk and getting to know them a little. I realy hope we will be able to have more fun together by mail. Thanks for spending some time with us!
I even got pressents...Fabrics from Minnesota from Tulla. The name of the fabrics are one of my dreams....Minnesota Shophop. (Nemo has told me of the shops she has been visiting when she have been in Bemidji.) From Ivy my Quilt club got fabrics from Texas , with the state Flower, Bluebonnets on. This is my part of the fabric, and I know what to do of it..... I even got a thimble from Gloria. It are from the Runestone Museum in Alexandria. A new dream to visit the museum. Thank you girls you are so great :-)On sunday, the last day of the Stevne there was a lot happening on our local Museum, Solbakken.As it was the end of Trysil Stevnet the museum was trying to show how it almost had been when peoples started to emigrate to Amerika.It was a lot of "old" food ans showing how they use to make for instanse fabrics and knitting wool and so on. Nemo has meet a friend of us. She has her Trysil Bunad on. (Trysils national costume) Elegant I think.
Ta the end I want to show you some great photos nearly from the past...Here are a lady who are calling ( lokke) the herd home.
These couple has been cutting the gras and made it ready to go to the barn....
She are knitting of home made yarn. Look at her shoes. They are made of Birch bark. Warm, but not quite comfort to wear.
At last the lady with the Spinning Wheel. Thanks to all the ladies in the past, we learn to make thread so we could make make yarn and fabrics.... What on earth would we do without them ...... ;-)

Now I have some fun work to do.... I got my partners from Chookyblues SCCS 2008 and the Stitchers Angel Swap. They are............. Oh , no I'm not telling.
Have fun and take care.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swap and BOM

I got my Four Seasons Quilt Swap summer quilt in mail last week.It was Amanda who was my secret partner. It is realy a great quilt and she has put some lovley post card in the parsell as well. Thank you Amanda your quilt are lovely. ;-)
Lynette has asked about the progress with her free Bom , Noa's Ark. Here are mine blocs.I'm making them with old Debbie Mumm fabrics. I have even found a Noa's Ark fabric to make some border of. I found a lot of unknown fabrics when I arrange my sewing area. LOL
Hope you all have a great week....

Weekend in Trondheim

Last weekend we went to Trondheim, my husband and I. On Saturday my mother and I went to town. It was "Olavs dagene" Some days to remember St Olav. A "king" who christianze Norway and was killed in a battle in 1030.There are a lot of happening around the cathedral on these Olavs dagene: Celebrate mass for the pilgrims and a fair, as in the good old days, beside the church.

Her are a little glimse from the fair. All the items you can buy are well done, not just cheap trash.
You can even run inn to people you know.... LOL. Abyquilt and her daugther was with us. I wonder what they have found here. We all had a great day walking in the sunny town. We looked in a lot of shops and manage to go to Quiltegarden before it close for the weekend...
And there I got a big surprise..... I had been drawn to win a prize for some coasters I made last year.(My coasters are in the front of the picture.) It was a challenge from NQF s annual meeting on Hell. I use the prize to buy me some great new quilting stuff... Some new fabrics,a new pattern ,made by Brenda Ryan, a yo-yo maker, I have got great new ideas from this blog, and at last..... Cotton Country Quilt, a great Bronwyn Hayes book. It is so fun to go shopping when it was so surprising. Thank you Siw. ;-)
I got more surprises when I came to Trondheim. My mother had made me a great pin cushion. The shoe with the boy and the dog. I love it. I got my self a new thimble from the Cathedral.When I got back to work I even got a thimble from my co-worker Irene, she has been on a trip to Lofoten. Yesterday I made me a little pin cushion from a pattern from the latest edition of Quiltemagasinet. I got the fabrics as little gift from Kim. Luckey me ;-)
My I introduce the newest member of our family, Jonas. He realy looks like a child , but he are a doll my mother has made. She are a great doll maker and has a lot of beautifull porcelain dolls all in great dresses.I will take some photos to show you next time I visit Trondheim.

As you can see I realy had a great trip. ;-)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Christmas in July....

I read a lot about Christmas in July and it has realy been that for me. :-) When my father came he brought a new christmas dinner set ,who my morher has painted. She realy know how to make great China paiting.And from the Christmas club I got the kit of this great guy. Rudy are made after a pattern from Melly and me. Guess who is lokking forward for Christmas. And to day I learn that Chookyblue are hosting a new Secret Santa Christmas Swap. It is going to be so fun.
I have manage to finish a lot during the summer. I have send this to my PIF partner Margy . I hope she liked it. The saying are : Badedag ( Bath day)
I have also post my Four Seasons Quilt to a lady somewhere in the whorld..... Realy hope she likes it. And I'm keeping an eye on the postman waiting for mine quilt..... It has been so great beeing a part of this Swap.So thank you Margaret for hosting it.
I have also done the binding of this quilt from a class earlier this year. So now my wisp's are shrinking a little, but..... There are a BIG but.....
Here you see some of the new pattern I got with my father....It is all somthing I WANT to do...
Ups he didn't bring Chicken Feather. I manage to get it on Lille Stasjon when I started to work after my vacation.I love the books of Bronwyn Hayes... ;-) Back to the pattern, as you can see I have started on one. Hekseliv (Witch life) made of AnnAKa. The other are pattern from Lappestua, Crab-apple Hill and Bareroots. A lot to do for me :-)
When Nemo return from France I got this wonderfull gifts from them. Her and her boyfriend. Two thimbles from Paris and some new fabrics designed by Pat Sloan. I love them , wonder what to make...
I won this Pin on a giweaway at Quilt Fabric Delights. Hope you can see how great it is. I have signed up at herPincushion of the month club.
My collection of thimbles are growing fast, thanks to great friends. I got these from Lisbeth ( the one from Røros) and Reidun. Thank you girls, I will remember you....
When I was "baby sitting" Nemos rats they realy looked over my progress on the stitching. It was Quiltmakers from The Freckles Collection who the liked best. I can't understand why... LOL

There are some great Giweaway going on now. Take a look here
and here.....

I see May Britt has told about her trip to Trondheim, I will tell you about mine next time. I have some stitching to do now. See you soon, with lots of news to tell and show. ( A lot of more WANT TO DO...)