Sunday, September 28, 2008

Foggy morning-Beautiful day

Now in fall the nights are cold and the mornings happen to be verry foggy. I tok this photo on my way to the buss. I'm standing on the bridge looking to the shopping mall.Not mutch to see....but...

Later on these days you can see how far you want, it seems.When the fogg gets away the big blue sky and the sun show all the beautyfull colours in the nature.
Yesterday I got mail...From my Stitching Angel.I got a big box all the way from USA.My dear angel had mad all this for me....Helen's Armchair caddy,Natalie's sweet little bag an Karen's great Pincusion. So thank you Karen for making all this for me.
I even got this from her.....Chocolate...(Yummy)..Beautifull fabrics...A thimble...The new Quilt Sample magasin... (who I have been looking after in Shops. I love to dream about visiting all the quiltstore they write about)...and a Wood Sign saying Quilts. So I have to say thank you both Karen, who send me all this great things and Heleen who made all this happen. Hugs to you both.
The things I have made for my Angel partner are almost ready to go in mail..... Wonder if she like what I have made for her.......Exciting....
Yesterday I went to a fair. I found these snowman plates... Love to use them for Christmas decorations....

I you have been reading May Britts blog you have been looking of all the great new fabrics we have got in the shop where I work. I love all the new brigth fabrics and this is what I got home with me. Just look at the BAG filled with wonderfull brigth fabrics..... :-) My next problen is .... what to do with them..... Hm...
I have manage to do a little last week.... the first of my Pincushion of the month from Quilt Fabric Delights. So fun to make....Hope the next parcel will come in a hurry.....
At last I want to show some great new thimbles I got from two great friends.... I love them. Hope you can see how sweet they are....The bird on a bough with appels are Norwegian. From Gjøvik. And the sweet little one with Panda on have come all the way from China....
Big thank you hugs to you Inger and Jørann.

This will be all for to day.....I have some stitching to do....
See you later...Hugs... ;-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit to Lappemor

I'm still travel about visiting Quilt shops. Last week I was in Oslo and Tynset.I have been visiting Lappemor for my first time, but certain not my last visit.A great shop in the montain.It was so fun to visit Anne Heidi in her great shop.
We had some hard time to figure what to buy(the hard thing was to deside what not to buy).There are so many difrent designs we all want to make.Here are Lisbeth and Vigdis trying to make up their minds.Fore me, I realy had a hard time. There was a lot of stuf I wanted....
After a great time in the store, we had to take a walk in the area... Lisbeth got her self a guy,a realy big one.(He are a Troll from Tynset.)It seems they have a lovely time.Wonder what they are up to?
Tynset are also known because of this huge Kicksled (Spark in Norwegian) I don't know if it belong to the Troll. ( can you imagine Lisbeth and him on a tour in the winter with lots of snow and a full moon??) LoL
When we drove from Tynset we drove by Tolga and I had to take this photo to show the great view.I took a lot of photos to show you.
Here are what I bought from Lappemor. Some medium Rick Rack, Witch buttons and some great fabrics. I got one fabrics with Steam Shovels ; to make a pillow for my husbond,some with beautifull flowers on and some I realy need. Fabrics with UFO's and Ufo-men on. I have a lot of UFO's so now I'm thinking of making me a UFO-bag....... :-) I also found a new hand quilting thread in a another store. I also got myself a new thimble. With Troll on.
Earlier last week I was a short trip to Oslo. I was able to make a quick visit to Panduro and manage to grab this. More Rick Rack, some new Tilda fabrics and tin,some small hearts and great handkerchief with Parrot on.
I got great mail yesterday from my mom. A lovely fabrics( I know what to make from it ) and a new pattern by Leanne . I have started to make the Couch Companion to day.... ;-)
Last week I made this little bag after an idea I saw on a blog..... But I don't remember where... May be I visit too many. The scissors keeper are from Lynette's design to the Stitching Angels . It is so fun to be a part of this swap. I know my angel have mailed me my parsel. I'm working on the things I want to post to my secred friend....

On the end of this post I have some fall photos from our trip to Tynset I want to show you. I want you just to watch and enjoy the nature from my little part of this world.
Untill next time have some great days. Hugs.

Photos from our trip :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Friends and Swap Partners...

To day I got a parcel from a unknown friend.Sarah from Memphis made this great Norwegian flag for me.I was her partner in the Miniature Booty Swap hosted by Toni. I love Swaping. Getting to know new peoples, reading theyr blogs and to decide what to make. So thank you both Sarah and Toni.
Sarah even give this to me....Some goodis named Goo Goo Supreme ( can wait to taste them) ,a postcard from Memphis (Wonder if she has seen Elvis...Hm ..) and great fabrics. She realy spoil me. And I love it all. She wrote a long letter to me, tellng me she had been on my blog, but not sayd Hello. I hope she will be back again. I will on her blog.. ;-)
I'm a member of Pincushion of the Month club and Sarah asked us to show how it looks where we lived.She asked for a photo out of our front door. This is what I saw the other day, My husband has borrowed a little steam shovel and are digging out from our garage.He are going to make a concrete floor. So my front yard are nothing to show new guests who deliver Pincushion kits these days. But it will be great he tells me...... And I belive him. :-)
So Sarah I show you the view from the bridge you have to walk when you come to visit me. Oh I would have loved it, a visit from new friends....
Untill you show up, any one who needs coffe and are a quilting lady, have a great time. I will keep a close eye on the mailbox looking fore my first Pincushion Kit.....I will show it when it arrives.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

End of Summer ?

To day it has been a beautifull day. The sun was shining from a blue sky.It was a great day for a walk.But I'm afraid it is one of the last summerdays, last nigth it was 2 degrees bellow zero.So I have to realize the winter are not far away.......
Some days ago I got a great parcel from Margaret. She send me some thimbles from Australia. One with the Australian Flag and the other with The Sturt's Desert Pea flower on. It is the National flower of the South Australia.I have seen it in Australian Magasines and now I have learn about it. It is so great to learn new thing from new frends on the net. ;-) She even send me a tea towel with poto of Ayers Rock, which I have learnd a little of before, and The Olgas ,who I never have heard of before.... So now I wounder... Why name a mountain Olga which are a well known womans name in Norway.... Hm... I want to say a big Thank You Margaret, the parsel are so great. ;-)
I have to show you that my sew-area are ready. I have got the cabinet and some shelf.I even got my "bag-tree" in place.I love to make bags, but I'm not so clever to use them. I allways have some new bags on my mind.....
I have had time to do some stitchery last week. I manage to do block two of the Quiltmakers. And september block of Noah's Ark.
Also I have been busy with bags and purses. I'm a Stitcher's Angel and have busy making some great bags from pattern made of May Britt and Natalie.I love them both and decide to make two of May Britts. One fore me and one fore my secret stitching friend.... Now I'm thinking about what to fill it with. I will use it as my last parcel to her.The little purse with the butterflies are a kit from Jordbærstedet. A great idea, easy and fast to make.The little purse with some red on are a gift I got when I was at the Fair some time ago. But can you see the little mouse.I just love him......I think it is a he.( he told me so) I got the pattern from a Japanese book. I can use him to carry thimble, there are an opening on his back. I have to make more mices, he need some pals. ;-)
Yesterday I got mail,great items from Panduro. Some new Tilda stitcheries and a great tin.It was a MUST have. Something every Quilting lady needs..... Don't you agree ;-)

Untill next time....Have some great sewing time.