Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Luckey me have had a long visit of Emma and her mum, but now they are at their own home and our house are empty and quiet.It is so fun to be able to follow Emma on her way from baby to child. Here she are trying Santas chair.When they went back to Oslo ,I followed and stay for the weekend, visiting some shops and Nemo of course....
We all went to Sweden on a "Harry"- trip. We went to a big mall and I found this great fabrics in Panduro. Brand new fabrics from Stoff. The fabrics with Roses are Tilda- fabrics.The little Tin was another temptation who hade to come home with me.I see on some others blogs that they are staying focus and are making ufoes.... I try to do so also, but there are so many temtations....
When I was in Oslo I got more fabrics.... Some are fabrics I need to have and other are just because..... I got some from Katrines quiltestue,and some from Panduro. I realy needed somthing fresh in my stash now.. I have no quiltstore close to me anymore.....So it will be great to go to the NQF annual meeting this year... Quess who are going crazy in the shops... ;-)
The mail man are bringing me temptations too,this I got in mail last week. Pretty little Cozies and Animal Crackers. The first block of Bronwyn Hayes new BOM.More to start to make soon, but first I have to finish all the kit from The Stitchery of the month club. I hope to be able to finish them before the last kit shows up in my mail box..
More temptations... Advertise from a new book from Trine Bakke . I fell in love with these Miniature Dresden Plates and had to order them at once from Lappe Makeriet . I also took a phone to Hobby Klubben ( the book club) and asked nicely if they could mail me the book in a hurry... And the sweet lady says ; Yes of course , it will be in mail to day - so it will be at your home in about 10 days....... I wonder how they can let a book out on the road all by it self ;-) She must be walking... This evening all my Dresden plates are done , and I'm still watching the mail man for the book. It is great rumours says....
I found all the fabrics for the Dresden Plates in this box of old trade samples from quilt stores. I love to play with trade samples, but I don't know where to get more... So mine are realy a treasure...
It is not only me who got tempt . Cyan tryed to hide and get some frsh leaf to eat.It is hard to be a indoor cat. ;-)
Now I'm of to bed, to morrow it is Quilt meeting in Elverum, it will be fun to see what all the clever ladies have been working on during Christmas time and the cold weather.

So to all of you - have fun and stay focus, just like me.... ;-)


Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year - New Start...

I have been busy this week. I have made My Little Travel Pouch by Bronwyn Hays. It turned out great, after some hard work with my sewing machine. I manage to do it with risk for both my fingers and nose.... My daugrher comment : I belive you enjoy your sewing? And I DO , but it was a challenge. There are a needle case at the bottom of the pouch, with plastic in it. Realy hard to fix. But I manage to do it.... ;-)
There are only one a little sad thing - there are only one more kit from The Stitchery of the Month Club.... All the kits we got has been soo great...
This table runner , Flower's for Erica by Leanne Beasley are from this club also. Another finish to day. I have been working hard with the binding this evening.
I need to do a lot of my WISP's now... I have signed up for a new Club.... :-)
So Sarah if you come to my home now you will be able to meet this.....
Emma, who got her first meal of Cauliflower soup and Pancakes with Blueberry Jam.It tasted sooo good. But was a little difficult to get in the mouth. ;-)
You also have to walk through our white world. To day the temperature allow us to go outside for a walk. It is only 12 degrees bellow zero. Almost spring....
For you who has not guess it --- I have signed up for more bags. I love to make bags, so this Bagalicious Club are just a MUST.

Have a great weekend , I have some more UFO's to do...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

New year and a new start.... I have sign in for OPAM 2010. This year the hostes are Peg and Kris.Last year I was a part of the 2009 Challenge hosted by May Britt and Kris, and I had 31 items done. So I hope I will be able to beat that. I have a lot to choose from , a lot of WISP's and soooo mutch I want to do... So here I go..
We celebrate the New Year at my parents flat and it was a great firework... But my camera could not take photos of it.... But this was close enough so I could take a photo.
It has been cold here after New Year, a realy "stay by the fire" weather, with bellow 30 degrees for almost a week, and more than - 20 since Christmas. The sun are beautiful ,but give no heat.So our days goes with carrying wood to the stove and keep the fire burning. We got some lovely visitors and have been at a few , but it has been to cold to bring Emma out. I have been able to do a little stitching, but most of the time we have been playing with Emma and having a great time ;-)
Cyan has realt turned out to be a quilt-cat. She find all my tablerunners just a mat for her to sleep on.
As you can see I have something I just WANT to do--- SOOON :-)
I have manage to do my first finish for 2010- Me and My Shadow by Cinderberry stitches. It is a kit from the Stitchery Of the Month- club. I have more from this club almost done,so I hope to have more on my OPAM list soon.

So now I wish you all a Happy New Quilting Year. And hope there will be outdoor weather here soon.