Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good-bye Winter...

Last week Irene (no blog) and I went to visit Lappemor at Tynset. We went from my home and a little diffrent way for Irene. A calm and quiet road, we onlt saw 4 cars for 150 km. But we saw a lot of beautifull scenery... sutch as these mountains. Great for skiing in easter-- fore those who goes on cross-country skiing... Hmm.. not me . I prefer easter on the porch :-)
Irene and I had a great time at Lappemor- and yes, we found a lot to buy :-) The reason Irene are laughing are that most of the buying are mine... I wonder why...( may be because Irene was visting Lappemor just a few days earliere...)
I have not been in Lappemors new store... This is just a little glimpse. It is a great Quilt store with a lot of temptations. If you drive by Tynset-- You have to stop :-))
The last months has been busy for me , with a lot of travelling up and down Norway.. So i feel great manage to have two small finishes in April.. A little bag for Peder, to store his Duplo in. And a beautibag for all of Emmas stuff for the hair and so on..
I got some grat mail last week too--- Love Cats by Natalie Ross. I won it in her giveaway. Thank you Natalie... Now I just have to be able to find time to make me a turquoise cat :-)

Unntill next time I wish you all a happy Easter...
I have a lot on my must do list.... I still make hexagons. More than 30 flowers now... and i have some Quilting I want to do... and so on. Later this week I'm going to a lecture by Sue Daley at Katrines Quiltestue. Wonder if I shall sit on my hands so I don't come home with a lot more MUST HAVE items...

I will tell next time :-)