Monday, June 28, 2010

June means summer .....

I did manage to finish this quilt from last post... Guess who feel great. So now my Tote Bag are empty , and all the Ginger Blossom fabrics are used.Fore the first time I quilted by using Stipples made easy. Fun but hard work on a quilt this "big". It make me wish I had a longarm machine...

I have been busy re-organize my sewing area during the last week. It was a total mess, I had to put everything in order. So now I know what has been hiding ;-) I found a lot of well hiding smal fabrics samplers, so now I'm in the mood of playing with small pieces once again. I'm thinking on making me some small "minne-brikker" I dont know how to translate this --- Hm-- Memory doily... I will show you some beautiful day :-)

I have also got some great smal pieces of fabrics in my mail box... Milk Chocolate and charm pack from Moda. Thanks to the pattern in the Chocolate box I got an idea what to make from it ;-)
It is realy summer here in Trysil now.Warm summer days and realy green.This is a photo across the river to where I live.
And I have got a new "friend" He or she jumps up in the window sill , hope I will notice and offer some bread or somthing else to eat.Of course I give the cute little fellow something.
I have also manage to do some quilting stuf... This little wallquilt are a UFO from a long time ago.I don't know or remember where I found the pattern, but it is from a miniature book. I used the selvage from old fabrics , so there are a lot of great memories in it. I took my quilts out doors this time and the small blue flowers above are Forget-me-not flowers. It suit this little quilt--- almost forgotten ;-)

I have been clewer and have done the 4.of the bags from the Bagalicious Club.Beaufort Bag from Hugs'n Kisses.Fun and easy pattern , and it holds a lot ;-) This Club are soo fun , I wonder how the last 4 bags looks like ;-)

Untill next time - have fun and take care. Hugs :-)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy June...

To day it is my birthday and there has been a Ladies party... And here are the guest of honor, Emma. She and her mum came yesterday and will stay over the weekend.
But I got more great guests - some of my dearest friends. We realy had a great time - talking and making more plans for the summer. Yes, it include Quilt-shops and fabrics... LoL.
Thank you girls for a great day and the lovely gifts... I know what to bring to bed to nigth ;-)
Here are some of my gifts....Sweets,socks,stringbag, fabrics,book (my bed reading) and look at the little box in the middle. You will never quess what it contents..... Quilt- shop-air LOL. When May Britt went to Trondheim I told her I miss the smell of a quiltshop- so Siw and her made this to me.. Fresh Quiltegården smell. Yummy ;-) But there was more than the smell inside it there was a great necklace. Thank you Siw- I love it. Hugs ;-)
And tomorrow there will be more guest. It is so nice to have visitors for coffe.
There have been a lot of happening so fare in June... Irene , Bjørg and I have been on a Quilt store excursion. We went to Moelv- Quilteliv and Brumundal - Fabrikutsalget. And of course this was the day I had a empty battery in my camera. I only got this photo outside of Quilteliv. We had a great day- made lots of new plans for new quilting items... and got a LOT of new fabrics...

It seems like we could start a little Quilt shop, but it is our treasures on the floor at May Brits place. We had to visit her and was giving her a hard time with our "show and tell" The poor girl had to go to work ;-)
As you can tell I have been to busy with my social life so there has been a little on the Quilting front, But I have been able to cut in my fabrics pile ( only for shortly ;-) But my Tote bag with ginger Blossom fabrics are empty, and I got this Quilt top. To day I got Stipples made easy from Quilt- design. It will be fun to use it for the first time...
There has been more happening in June also. My little Quilt group has had its annual Barbecue and we could sit outdoor, but we had to have our coats on. Yes. we had dinner - not only wine ;-)
Have a great summer everybody- see you all in August.
So now I want to wish every body a great summer and "Skål" as we says in Norway.
I hope I will be back soon with some finish for June ;-)