Monday, July 21, 2008


My friend and co-worker Irene stoped for a little chat and some coffee on saturday. Jacob was so happy to see her, as you can see he had to give her a realy good hug (klem). They had not been seeing each other since Leanne was visiting Trysil last year.I belive Jacob (and I) want her to come more often. ;-)
We always love when great friend are stopping by ...

Holidays at Home

This holiday I have been at home,but there has been lots of happenings. I have been looking after Nemo's rats, while she and her boy friens are traveling in France( luckey them) The rats are no problem to look after, but I use to spoil them Nemo says, giving them to mutch to eat.
To day my father started to exchange the rest of our windows. He started last year, but to morrow it will all be done.Cyan was quick to follow him and look what he was doing, or may be if he was doing it the right way.She only had a quick look before she and her mother started on they way back home.
I have got lots of mail in my vacation. (I'm clever to keep the postman busy ) From Australia I got Rosalie's book - Gift. Lots of things I want to make in it.Realy a great buying.I also got two issues of Homespun. Mutch "want to do " there too. From England I have ordred Pretty Little Pincushions. A realy great book with lots of new ideas. And at last I got two pattern from America.Two stitcheri-pattern from Crab-apple Hill. Hocuspocusville and Bluebird. Wonder when I will be able to do all I want?
I got mail from Nadine, she has been my special angel,helping me with the pattern of this quilt shown in Marie Claire idees.She even add some great strawberry fabrics in the parcel. Thank you Nadine you are so kind with me. Klem.
One saturday I went to a local second hand market. Here are what I got.... a sharpener made like an old sewing mashine and this old scissor. There are smal angels faces and lots of flowers on the little scissor. Great buyings I think.
I have been replacing some of my quilts and as you can see Cyan had no problem to use the one who got of my wall.

I have manage to do a lot of quilting in my hollydays. Here are a little quilt for a special little guy.
And this one made for my mother in law's 75. birthday.We were cellebrating her last saturday.
This little quilt are one from Jordbærstedet's stitching klubb. I got the pre-printed pattern and fabrics. Then I have to decide what to make. I made a little wall-quilt to put my quilt- pins on.The saying are "ut på tur- aldri sur" Mening somthing like this: Always happy on a trip.
I have atlast done this quilt, a BOM I got from Jordbærstedet some years ago.I realy love it and think it looks so great. I wonder why I didn't got it done before.
The last item this time are the elephants from Noa's ark.I love this little BOM. It is so fun to see what animal Lynette give us to do next time....

At last I want to tell you about a great give away here. Just have a look.

I have more to share with you ,but I think it is enough by now, so have a great day.... see you soon. :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Friend from the past

Yesterday I had to find a friend from years ago. My little old Bernina ,who I got a long time ago. Almost 30 years I think it must have been since I got her. She had made a lot of clothes when my daugthers was small, and she was a part of my early start in the Quilt world.... And now she has got a new start. (Short I hope) My Janome has got some data problems and are on hers way to see the sewingmaskin-docktor. I hope it will be a short stay....I realy love all the data-stuff when it works. ;-(
I have some realy good friends..... some days ago one of my friends , Lisbeth, called and asked where I was thinking to put my thimbles and askes if I want to have her case. I think that was a silly question. Of course I want it. ;-) So thank you Lisbeth, you are so kind. ;-) Look how great my thimbles my looks, and they has realy good space. I need more thimbles, so now I know what to whish if sombody askes. I have put some of my small angels in the case as well.
Yesterday Lapphøna and I persunade our husbonds to take a trip to Lillehammer. Of course we had a reason to go. We had not visit the quilt store ,Quiltespesialisten, since two years ago. I had no acute need for fabrics, but when I got out on the street these great fabrics had steal their way into my handbag......It is realy hopless to be hard in a Quilt store. I even got me some new thinblers. One from Lillehammer and the other from Skibladner.
Look what I have manage to do with the fabrics I bougth at Katrines Quiltestue when I was in Oslo some weeks ago. I have started on the Simple Pleasures Quilt. ;-) To day I have prepare 5 more smal stitchery blocks. I think I will do mostly hand sewing untill I got my maskine home...
I also work on several Swap's Here are a sneak peek on my Four Seasons Quilt Swap. The summer quilt. Starting to get ready to take a trip out in the world. I have also started on my Miniature Booty Quilt.... and to day I have signed up at The Stitched Angels Swap...Always enough to do. I also work on some Gift Quilts that I will show later.....

To day I read on Kim's blog that there were snow in Bundarra....I'm so happy I got summer. But I want to wish every body who like snow in July A merry July Christmas. Take care and enjoy snow.....I will enjoy summertime as long as I can get it.
Love what weather you get, if it rains you can sew. Have fun and take care.