Sunday, October 22, 2017

Last post on an old address

Due to some minor/major indifferences between Blogger and Apple, this old site was suddenly impossible to update with pictures. So here’s to a new site, new address, same writer.
This old blog will remain as an archive – and links are up from there to here – and vice versa.
So if you’d like to see new posts, please come on over to Jacobs-quilt and find me there – welcome! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blogger will not play with me...

I'm not very happy with Blogger,I can't get photos on my blogg....And I have so mutch to tell,lazy as I'm,and a Blogg with out photos...oh no.
But there are help to get in the end of next week...
Then there will be a show and tell of what I have been doing after my trip to Birmingham....
So I see you soon,Laila

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More from The Festival of Quilts

I have to show you more of all the great Quilts. I had to take some close up photos of some details..
Diamonds Last Forever 
Linda Forey,UK
I spy a lot of Kaffe Fasett fabrics... a great way to use them.
Dancing with the Stars
Susan Gray ,UK 
Oh, I hope to make me a quilt like this one ....some beautifull day :-) 
Autumn in Fairyland
Jeannine Lambrechts. 

I love this one ❣️
Look at all the details...
More details...
And more... wow thats a lot of work !
Whole World.
Kate Crosseley, UK

I could have looked at this quilt forever..
I have never seen a quilt with so mutch on it... some of this item could have been from my stach...

Tarot cards... name it.. it was there..  I love this one too...
St.Joseph. I'm home from Italy.
Laura Di Cera. 

This quilt look almost like a painting. Wow..

The last quilt I will show you are the sadest quilt I have ever seen: 
the Women's Quilt 2017
All the small piecses are memory blocks,To honor and remember the 598
women killed by their partnersor expartners between 2009 and 2015 in England and Wales.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From the Festival of Quilts 2017

I have been at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and it was as great as every year I have been visiting the festival. Lots og items to buy,lot of new and old friends and a lot of great Quilts.I went with Nemo and one more friend ( no blog) it was their first visit. Nemo show a lot of beautifull Quilts at her blog,so go to her blog :Made by Nemo and have a look. 
Here are some of my favorites,those who are diffrent from her choise. 
Have a look and enjoy. 
Thank you to all Quilt Angels
      Constanze Bötel,Germany
Katherine Jones, Australia.

Every Thought A Question.
Linda Kemshall. 
One of the Through Our Hands grup.
Self Portrait in Third Person.
Annabell Rainbow.
Member of Through Our Hands grup.

Rainbow Rose 
Ruth Bourke, Tomomi McElwee
Marjolein Peters.
The Netherlands
Kathleen Moore.
Parrot Ara
Bara Bartosova 

The last quilt are : Not Invisible.
Susan Chapman.

(This quilt show how I feel after spending four days looking ,buying and talking at the great festival.) 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy new year ..... from the lazy blogger..

This are to bad .. but it is my first blog in 2017... 
shame on me! No exuses ... Here in Norway there 
are a saying going like this : Christmas last untill 
Easter... so I'm aaaalmost not lazy at all... LOL
This Easter as the last years I spend in Oslo,and there
it was flowers and green gras,at home it is still winter. Now I can start
to dream about flowers at home to,not just iceroses... 
During the white winter time I have been playing with colours.
I never miss colours so mutch in winter time as this year.
I feel it has been all white,white snow,white trees ,white sky....
Beautifull yes, but soooo boring. 
It was so fun to make this  Dredsen Neighborhood pattern by 
Kim Lapacek.
More colour playing ,had to try it twice,a pattern from a Norwegian 
Magazine named Frargeglad løper. 
I also had to make this IPad cover. Here you can see 
how the trees looks like.. white,white,white...
There has been some knitting going on too.. 
made me a new shawl... 
There are some secred quilting going on... show you later,
and I'm ready to start making Jen Kingwells Delilah quilt 
to morrow - - ;-)