Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SSCS part 2

I got some brautifull gifts from Sharon too,a new bag, Lynette Andersons Stitchery book, Buttons and red laces. Realy great gifts, so now I have to make me something new Stitchery for next Christmas ;-)
I feel so spoiled beeing a part of Domnas SSCS 2012. I cross my finger for a new SSCS in 2013.... :-))
I what to send a big thank you hug to all The three Girls , Jenny,Sharon And Donna you all made my Christmas shine even more. I have had great days with Emma And here mum, And soon we will meet Peder And his parents :-)
I hope you all are having great Hollydays. Hugs from Laila

SSCS part 1...

I was so luckey to get two SSCS this year. And I got some great Christmas gifts.
I got this lovely pillow from Jenny. I have startet to use it in my livingroom. I realy needed new pillows there, so one less to do by my self:-)
Thank you Jenny :-)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

With my latest tablerunner after a AnnAka pattern I wish you all A Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Playing with food...

I Wonder whos mother say " don't play with your food " ? To day I have been playing playing a lot. Cakemen,small cup cakes, cake pops and gingerbread...
Hope Emma and Peder enjoy it for Christmas :-))
Relaxing infront of TV for the rest of the evening now :-)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

SSCS gifts arrived:-)

I have got my SSCS gifts safe to my home:-) I got two parcells this year too,luckey me:-)
Look what great ornaments I got. Thank you my secred santas and thank you Elf Donna for hosting this swap once again:-))
It is starting to look a little like Christmas around my home now. :-) Have a great evening. Hugs:-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Still testing...

I'm still testing, this time how to blog from IPone.
This little Quilt are made from a pattern made by Gail Pan for The Christmas in July club. I like The way it turned out.
If this way to blog turn out as easy as it seems, I know I will blog more often:-)
Have a great day/nigth :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm testing how to blog from my IPad...May bee I manage to blog more often?

So this is a little wallquilt I have been working on lately. Easy, fun and fast to make.I have fell in love with some new " candy", Moda mini charm pack and the book Moda Candy. This little quilt are called Old Glory Gatherings.
I have more small items to show later, so I hope I will blog again soon.
Untill then, take care and enjoy.
Hugs. :-)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

.....Ups.. It is a scered...

I'm still here and still sewing, but there are a lot of scereds going on now... not only the SSCS 2012, who are done :-),but I got some scereds who I will be working on all the time untill May 2014...
But at last I have something to show you...
I have manage to make Peder a jacket. It only took me almost a year.....  Wonder if I should start on a new one.... I somtimes are a realy slow knitter...
Yes , I have manage to play a littele,I fell deep into my old Thimbleberry fabrics and start to play with Marti Michell's Log Cabin Ruler...Easy and fun ! So now I almost can feel like a realy old fashion Quilter. I got a Log Cabin Quilt and a Quilt made of Hexagons,and at last I got me a Dubble Weddingring Quilt in a veeery slow progress. ( I some times go and tell the fabrics and the few rings : I know you are her, and suddenly you will be able to see the day ligth....  )

I god some great friends by my Birdhouse. This cute little fellow comes every day to get a little to eat. We don't have a lot of snow yet,but it is winter....
 To day I have been playing with Magda,I woke her from her winter hibernation, and start to use old fabrics.. I have a lot of small pieces of, for me, great fabrics..The green fabrics are realy old, and the black one with flowers are a leftover from some bag... I only got 10 cm left of it,so I had to play a lot... I want my bag to have a pocket,so more playing...
On the front the Purses turned out like this. I stole --- hmmm--- borrowed some ideas from old pattern and manage to make the purses without any hand sewing.... I love to be able to make something this fast and easy...  I have to make some more for Christmas presents....

Hope you all will have a great day --- and be clever with all your scereds, I'm going back to mine.. ;-))

Hugs ;-)

Monday, September 24, 2012


I have been playing with fabrics and colours lately. These Owles are a challenge from Elverum Quilteklub. We are asked to do an Owl item this fall. The show and tell are not untill november, but as I'm in France then I have done it now,and will bring it with me on thursday.It is a " one of a kind" item,all made by me...  Yes I feel great about the way it turned out... :-)

I have alos manage to finish my " young and sexy" bath girls....  They are ready to come up on the wall in my bathroom..  Every morning I can look in the miror and see we look just the same....

Now it is back to my stitchery,I have a slooooow working on The Simple Life.... Just relaxing work...
Hope you all will have a great week. To day it has been sun shine, but cold to nigth...hope the snow keep away a little more.....   :-)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Hello Fall...

Suddenly it is Fall,and I can't remember the summer....did we get one here in Norway? There are a saying telling that in Norway there are two winters,and the green one are coldest.... It is true, but this year we have had a lot of rain,not so cold... Now there has been some great sunny days...remember DAYS, the nigths are cold... So Hello Fall...

I have been able to do some quilting,this old quilt,almost become 9 years before it was finish. A lot of great memoryes in the fabrics. I realy love the way it turned last :-)

I wonder why these two photos stay so close together...but ok. The stars are after an AnnAKa idea I just had to try my way.Fun and easy,and realt fast. Great to use as gifts.

And the owls are the same as I have done a lot of before,but this time I want to make some small. You can see the size of them beside the bobbin. The "big" one are made of two treads of DMC floss and the small one are with one tread... I only made one of each, :-)

To day I have made me a "new" lamp, I got the lamp from my oldest daugther,the angel from my mother,used some old fabrics and got the idea from my friend Lisbeth... So with a little sewing and a lot of glue it turned out like this...
My own angel to watch over me :-)

Even if I complane of the weather, I love all the seasons we got here in Norway.and  Fall are my time of the year,it got all the colours I love.Look at this great yellow flower,hope you can see all the Bumblebees in it.They are the tiny black spots... I wonder if they will live through the nigth...?

And as Fall are here now, it start to get close to Winter and Christmas... I'm so luckey to be a part of Elf Donnas SSCS 2012. (thanks Donna for hosting it once again) So now I realy have to think a little about Christmas gifts.... :-)

While I'm thinking I wish you all a great Fall/Spring.
Remember to take a minute and enjoy life.
Hugs :-)

Thursday, August 02, 2012


This summer has so fare been wet,it has been raining almost every day. And for me it has been Busy,fun and busy. I have send a lot of the time with the girls and the kids. 

But I have manage to do some quilting. I have used almost all of the blocs from a Bom from Lappemakeriet. I made two Quilts , one small one for 
Peder. A firemann quilt. It seems as he liker it,so 
I hope he will be useing it a lot.

 The other blokk turned info a bigger quilt. Just because. I have no plans with this one,yet. But now 
I got one 
UFO done. :-))

I have also manage to do one of AnnaKa's new pattern. Soffasyerske. Realy usefull :-)

 I have also been playing with cotton yarn... I have some ideas with them,hope to show you soon, But it seems my days still are running fast...lost of ideas and lot of fun just in front of me..

I have been visiting my family in Alvdal. Not verry far from where I live,But there has been a long time since my last visit. The last photo are from there cabbin in the montain. Great view.

Hope I will be back in blogline soon,I have mutch more almost done, untill then.tacke care. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Abyquilts Challenge

Some days ago Abyquilt showed some of her purses and  asked to show what other blogers had to store items in.... Well I have a lot...a LOT...Here are some to start with, for "grab and set of"sewings..Almost all that is, the green one with my name on are not a "just brigth new" one. My mother made that on for me to bring my gym clothes in at school - some years ago :-)
Here are more smal bags for projects and one for my coffe mug ... I use it at the quilt meetings...when i remember to bring a mug...
Here are some of my sewing items for daily use in the living room....
Diffrent needel keepers... a IPad cover with matching cellfone purse... Just what a travelling girl need ;-)

More realy need items... a big box for my knitting plans...a small christmas box- with a started christmas tree ball - form Arne & Carlos - in it. It must stay in the christmas box. Don't you agree...A crochet box - made from fabric - for my coasters, and a box for my "every day"napkins..

 I have a lot of small purses- I love to make them-Some of them are just a challenge for me to make them and some are done just because I just had to do them...
more purses...some are for money and some are done for the fun fabric, the little brown in front are for bringing tea-bags in... Not used werry often... I drink a lot of coffee.. :-)
More needels keepers... Hmmm I do have a lot... :-)

Needel keepers,,,and one for the sissor...  The little one in front are a gift...a verry usefull is for toothpickers... ;-))
In the end there are a photo of the two last items I have done-- yesterday.A littel purse with a coffee cozy. I "found" an old fabric with this saying on it, so I need to make this just for me.. Sewing and coffee are some of my best friends :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Still alive....

 I have ben a verry lazy blogger this spring...and a WISP quilter too....  Sorry-sorry-sorry.:-) But at last I have something to show.. This is an UFO from a long time ago, I got the kit from Lappemakeriet. Fun and great little wall quilt...
 I have also manage to play a little with my Debbie Mumm fabrics... I have made these just with leftsovers, may be from Hanne... There are a lot of new just started ideas on my floor made from DM fabrics... Just need a little more time to play with Magda,then I will show them :-)
 This spring I have made small items, like thes three litle purses. Aren't the frogs cute?
 The last finish for now are this AnnAKa table runner... a new and easy way to stitch. I belive this Deer-tabelrunner are something for a guys table... And now my mind start to play, what if I make one with an elgs head... may be in sunset... Hmmmm..
 This spring has been long here i Norway, and it change a lot, only a week ago my porse looks like this... To day it has been raining a lot,it is ok,as long as it not are snowing.. But I realy want some sunny days now, and some flowers. ....
I want more of this ;-) Lovely flowers and beautifull blu sky in Oslo a week ago...

I  have seen the blue sky.. and want more...


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home from Bergen

I'm safe home from Bergen and NQF's annual meeting. A great, hard work, fun weekend. I have been working on this little wall quilt for a long time. It is all made by hand. I found the patter of the small "boxes" in an old Quiltmania and the border are a Kim Diehl idea. I think they work werry well together.
As I should out to travell, I had to make travell bags for my I-pad and my cellfone. Made from selvages of'course.
To day I was so a wake so I manage to take a photo of some of my new "realy must have2 items...I have a reason for some of the buying and some are - just because :-)
I only wish I would have had more time to look in allthe great stores. I did't get some great photos so I hope you will take a look at the NQF blog You can enjoy the photos even if you cant read the sayings...
After the meeting some of us girls took the train back to Oslo.It was hevy wind and some snow, so the photos out from the trainwindow was not the best, but I hope you can see the cabins in the mountain.Ready to have some vistors for Easter-
This weekend will be a quilet one for me... but on monday I
m ready for Tønsberg and a class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings at Quilte fryd...
So there will be more to tell soon.
Untill then have fun with Easter bunnies and take care :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Eg vil til Bergen...

Hei. I dag starter endelig NQF sitt årsmøte i Bergen og byen fylles av stoffsultene,blide,kjempekoselig lappedamer fra hele Norge.Og jeg vet at det er en masse flotte og like koselige folk fra lappebutikker fra hele landet som står klare for å hjelpe til med og Mette stoff suget :-) Tenk så artig for alle å få treffes i år igjen. Å få møte kjente og ukjente NQFere og være en del av dette " gale"- kjempekoselige miljøet. Eia var vi dere alle stoffgale :-) .Og til dere som er i Bergen ,eller er på tur dit vil jeg bare si NYT helga ..... Bare fordi dere fortjener det.. Klem fra Laila

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Not mutch to show......

I have been playing with stats and stripes the l ast week,and manage to make something og them...I hope to show you soon. I got more to show,but I have to wait a while .A girl have to have some secrets :-)
I have done some small item,this little hedgehog pincushion I made together with Nemo on my last visit to Oslo. Cute don't you think.
As you can see on my last photo,I used to have spring feelings.But we got a lot of snow the last day and nigth,so to day I had to go outdoor and get some exercise. Anyway back to the photo,great flowers,and old - realy old needle keeper and a dangeros magazine. :-) Simply Vintage are a beautifull magazine, There are a lot on my " want to do" list ... Ok I have starter on one project. I belive I will have something to show you next time,soon I hope....Untill then have fun and take care. :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lost January...

I can't belive how the days run -Januay done and almost February too.... Yes I have been busy,and had a lot of fun with the girls and the kids, but I have manage to do some stitching..
I have done this little stitchery by Melly and Me called Lemonade. Looking at it I wish summer will hurry up.I want sun and blue sky...:-)

I have also manage to play a little with my Go Baby... Magda helped me to make this Quilt,from Abyquilts leftovers and an old curtain. The goal was to use what I got in my piles. So now I got me a new Quilt for free. If I got it in my house it is free :-)
When I have been home and away lately I have been working on this jacket for Emma. My next project are one for Peder too - but I also have some serious plans to play a lot with Magda.There are some fabrics crying for me together with some new pattern... :-)
So untill next time -take care and be clever :-))