Monday, December 30, 2013

At the end of 2013...

I have been playning with small items. I love to make optical-illusions "quilts" , but I have framed this. 
This little item are from a photo in Homespun no.126 and are called Paradox Illusions. Easy to make and all made by hand. 
This idea are from a program about Crop Circle on TV. I have no idea about how or who are making the Circle,but I belive there are some quilters who got his or her finger on it :-) There are so many great ideas and pattern ....  I have several more I want to make in fabric. 
Here are the Crop Circle I borrowed the idea/pattern from. Great isn't it? 
But there has been some more small finish this last my kitchen stools has got covers,so now I "just" have to make me some new pillows on my kitchen bench to make my kitchen look new...
As I think this is my last post for 2013 I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. My goal for 2❤️14 are as last year... To get more UFO's done,use some of my fabrics,make some of my "must have" patterns and just have a lot of great time with my Quilting Ideas and Friends.. 😉

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SSCS gift and Merry Christmas..

At last I could open the main gift from my unknown friend...and it was Susan @Thimblestitch,  and look what I got. This beautifull sewingbag. I love it,and start to use it at once :-) 
Thank you Susan, you have realy spoiled me this Christmas, and the labels will be used on my two next quilts.. 
Thank you to Elf Donna for be a part of all this fun. 
Hope you all has a great Christmas,and I want to wish you all A Happy New Year. 
Hugs ;-)

Todays gift .. 23.12.

This is what I got from my SSCS friend today :-) Luckey me:-) Thank you,my unknown friend. :-))

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Look what I got in my 2. gift from my unknow friend at SSCS 2013. And still I got 2 more gifts to open. :-)  The next are for the 23. And the last for the 25...... But I hope it is ok if I open it on the 24. Here in Norway we open all our gifts at the evening on the 24. 

But back to my unknown friend.... I love my gift :-) Thank you,you made my day. Wish you a grest day! 
Hugs :-)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

SSCS gift arrived ...

When I got home from visiting France and Oslo my SSCS gift from Reinhard (??!) was at my home. And it was not just two gifts...
It was 4 ,and I was allowed to open 3 before Christmas :-) 


The one with the ornament I opend at once, it was a beautifull little ornament with a bird.Luckey me,I realy love birds :-) 
So thank you Reinhard ! 
Now I have to wait untill the 20. for my next gift.. 
Have a great december every one, and a big thank you to Elf Donna for hosting this awap. 
Hugs :-)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Back home....once again..

I have been traveling once again.This time to Veldhoven to the Open European Quilt Championship. A big,great textil festival. Early fall there , but sees what happend on my first day at home....snow! Brrr...but it is gone by now,sunshine to day:-)
This photo and the next are of the quilt Randi and I had with us to show. Beautifull quilts made by some of the members in NQF. We were told by the visitors that Norwegian Quilts had so lovely sparkeling colours and was all sooooo great :-) 
Here are Randi at our stand /disk talking to people.... As we did all the time :-) 
Randi and I had one day for our self and made a trip to Eindhoven,the town made by Mr. Pillips.and As we are Quiltingladies we looked for quilt ideas every where... On house walls....
And another house... Hmmm I did not see all the "men" in the window when I took the photo... :-) wonder how the block would look in a quilt.. Something to try this weekend ....? 

The last Quilt here are the Best in Show Quilt. It is made by Claudia Scheja and named Skyline. All the houses are from Berlin.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Still busy...


I'm still busy,but I have manage to do a little quilting items... This cute little doll are one of two men ,
known as Mr Dill. This is Mr Talking Dill ,the other was named Car Dill,but as the name tell ,he has
gon on a big trip... Mr Dill's dog are a Molly Make kit.. Just the kind of dog that fit in my life....:-)

I have done some "real" quilting too,this is an old UFO from years ago... From before I got the idea of " getting sick " of making buttonhole stitches... So now I feel so great..It is done and on my wall... Yeh :-))

More done items... The little book,are a kit from my visit in,I have not have a show and tell from there... Hmmmm... I use the book to store my cards in. And the hat..are from a little class I got in Kristiansund, ups again..more to tell..

This only tell , I have to be doing more posts verry soon...

But untill then...have a great week end. Hugs :-)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

.... Eh eh..I'm alive...

I'm alive,but I have been lazy with my blogg... I got a lot of "great "resons why.. but who care..i'm back. More often...I hope! 
Yes , I have been quilting. At last I manage to finish this little wall quilt.It is small ,but with a lot of work.  I wanted the Tumblers to "fly" and I feel they does. I found a little photo of a little quilt like this in an old French magasine years ago,and had to try to make some for myself. Now I feel it is time to try to make more quilts who "speak"to me..... I hope I manage to do it..
More finish,more Tumbler blocks. All in Jinny Beier fabrics. It took years to finish but noe it are done,and gived away.. Great to get stuff out of the house,and hope it will be loved by someone else. 
My Kittens tale are done as well,and out of my house. This I know are loved in its new home... Some time the great with a quilt are the work and the fun to do it..and I can not use every thing by my self..
At my hollyday I found these...hmm...this could have come home with me,but onest as I'm ,I only took the photo....and add it on my " wish"list :-))) 
Driving for a little road trip I meet this little guy. Not in the best mood,but sooooo cute. 
Now it is good nigth for this time...I have a lot to tell...I was in Birmingham. :-)) and Loooved it...
I meet Lynette Anderson,Kaffe Fasett and Tula Pink... And a lot of great ladies..and there was sooooo many great quilts...and ...and... Oh..
Show and tell soon... Promise :-))
Untill then..take care.. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have manage to do a lot of quilting so fare this summer. Somthing new ans something verrrrry old ufo's. This is a new project from a Sweedish magazine. I had to try to make a shaddow quilt,and it was fun and easy. I used a little 2.5" charm pack and some old fabrics from my stach...
This is also a new one , after a idea from a book ... I can't remeber the name...but if anyonr want to know just ask me... I needed some brigth colours after this......
..... old/new quilt. The stars are old...but the owls are new,after an AnnAKa pattern.i try to learn myself to quilt on Magda( my sewing maskine)  I want to be able to quilt more pattern and finding border to fit the quilt...
I have only one stitchery finish...the first of a BOM from Hugs and Kisses....
This one are realy old. It has been in my Ufo pile for many years,but now it is on my wall. Magda and I quilted it :-))
And this little tablerunner are also made by Magda and me...

At last I want to show you all a beautifull little baby from the woods not fare from where I live. A newborn baby elg  with its mother.
Have a great summer every body. 
Hugs :-)

Sunday, June 02, 2013


For the last five years I have been playing with seven other girls not fare from where 
I live. We have send diffrent blocks to each other,this year it was brown and turquoise pinwheel blocks.It is soo fun the see the result. Realy a lot of great work. The last one are mine,now lying on my table,this years summer tablerunner:-))

Thursday, May 23, 2013


This "old"Quilt was The first I made for Emma. And it is still used almost everyday... Now for her dolls :-) As you can see from The photo below Emma and Peder are big kids now, so The little Quilt get a lot of playtime:-). 
Have a great day. Hugs :-))

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back "home"

Many years ago my father made this little bed for some of us childs. I can't remember if it was for me or some of my brothers,but to day it came home home to my house. There has been other kids who has been using it for years.
To day Emma and I have been making the bed so Emma can go to sleep in the bed her great-grandfather made years and years ago. He died last week and his funeral was yesterday,so this realy are a great memory.
I made the little quilt for Emma when she was little girl,now she are a big girl at 4 years. Wonder if the bed deserve a special little something to think about.
Take care and have a great day everybody. Hugs :-)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mug Rug Swap

I have been a part of Quilting Gallery 2013 Mug Rug Swap hosted by Michele Foster ,and last week I got these great Mug Rugs in my mail box. Almost to great to be used. :-) Thank you Andrea for making these for me. I love them. And thank you Michele for making this fun happen.
Hugs :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Done atlast:-)

I started on this beautifull quilt in 1999 and now in 2013 it is done. :-) All ,but the border,are made by hand,all the quilting to. It is my memory quilt,a close and beautifull friend . It will be soo great to get it on the wall.
So now I have to grap a new UFO and finish another... Love to be able to finish great old quilts,and I have some. :-) I have also started on something fresh..... - something old ,something new....nothing borrowed...but something blue- :-))
Have a great easter every one,I will enjoy my easter.
Hugs from Laila

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back again...

New start , first block on a new BOM. This time again from Lappemakeriet. Great to start on something fresh. I have worked on old UFO's and secreds the during the whole winter . Now everything are done , and I can play :-)
Hope to show what I have manage to do soon :-))
Untill then take care:-)

Monday, January 14, 2013


Realy cold today, 24 degrees bellow zerro now. Realy hard to be a little bird. I'm staying inside doing some Quilting. Hmm May Bee handquilting on a big Quilt :-))
Wish you all a warm evening :-)) Hugs :-)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year.

New Year, new Fabrics and new ideas :-))
Happy new sewing Year to you all :-)