Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year..

I hope every body has had a great start on the new year. I have been a lazy blogger, but I have been thinking a lot... I see a lot bloggers have new years goal,as I used to have. But for this year I have desided not to have any one. This will be my relaxing year- I will buy the fabrics who cry my name - start what I want to do and finish what I like to finish.I will spent time with my familie and friends, have a lot og fun and just enjoy my self. I have some great trips in front of me - one to Bergen - one to Tønsberg and one to Danmark... and I have a great dream I want to come true....
So as you see at the photo- the sky are golden ( some times) :-)

As a great start of 2012 I got this great mailing from Julie.It came all the way from Japan,beautifull fabrics and a thimble from Tokyo. Thank you so mutch Julie, I love it all :-)
Do you remember the challenge Lapphøna and I had, with the fabrics from Lappemor? Well here are my last one. So now I got 6 new tablerunnere... Thanks Anne Heidi for all the great fabrics. Hope you will do this again this year.
I have manage to start something this year too... I have been playing with Magda and leftovers that I got from Abyquilt:-) For the first time I have tryed to make Dresdenplates.. I have no plans for how it will turn out at the end...
And I have been playing with my new toy- Go! Baby. Wow it is so fun to cut fabrics.. At my first try I desided to try to sew Hexagons with help of Magda. And we manage... Clever girls :-)) No plans for this neither, just playing just because...

I hope you all remember to have some fun untill next time :-)