Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weekend in France

When I came to Nice it was raining. For the first time in a long while. But when friday arrived the sun was shining and it was lovely. Here are one of the village not far from where my brother lives. It is so different from what I'm used to. Smal houses made of stone and verry smal streets. You can hardly drive a car in some villages.
Here we are in Nice looking for a quilt-shop. And we found it.....but it was closed untill the evening ,so I didn't get to shop this time. Instead we went for a walk in the rain.I love to be in a big town looking at the peoples and all the shops.In this part of Nice there are a lot of tourist in the summer, but now in fall it is quiet. Specially when it is raining.We almost got the streets by ouerselfes. Here are the farmous hotell Negresso.Big and lovely I think. I don't mind to stay there for a night or two.... The hotell lies on the farmos street Promenad des Angles. Also a well know part of the tourist Nice.It was made by the Englies who lived in Nice early in 1900, so they had a place to walk in the afternoons. I can imagine me the ladies and the gentlemens taking a promenade....
I didn't get in the Quilt-shop, but I found a shop with a lot of candy and boxes. Wow ,I just had to buy some boxes to put some quilting-items in. And I don't mind that they were full of candy. ;-) You have no idea what candy you could buy in this little shop....Chocolade and France sweets what ever you can want..... When we could not get to the Quilt-shop in Nice, we went to the Quilt-shop in Antibe.It was smal but I found somthing (a lot) I just needed. The shop had open house for costumers who needed help or to borrow a sewing maskine. It was so fun to finaly meet a French quilter.I didn't buy fabrics..... but I got kits and patterns. ;-)
Here are some new boxes I bought on my trip. I love nice boxes and can always find something to put in them. The big box ,witn Nice on it, are going to the quilt meeting with me to morrow.I can put the little quilt I'm working on in it.
I got lots of new Quilt-magasines with me back home. I don't read or speak france, but I understand most of the patterns.And I love to look in books and magasines, may-be there are somthing I need to make.Or hope to find time to make.....
Here are what I bought in the Quilt-shop. Some pattern and three kits. All in France so I have to study the pattern realy well.I dont know why I didn't took a photo of the modells in the store...but I didn't. It will be a challenge....
My nephes has grown since the last time I saw them. It is so fun to spend some time with them. Cyrian the oldest are clewer to speak Norwegian . Swan talks Norwegian too, if he wants.. But he speaks France most of the time. Once when we were sitting around the table talking Cyrian got a little angry at Swan and sayd : Swan you have to speak Norwegian! And Swan reply: Why??? You are for certain not Norwegian! They are so cute. I hope they are comming to visit me in February.
It was a lovely day when I left on monday. Here are a photo of Mount Blanc, taken out of the planes window.I had a great time in France and I will show you more photos from my trip later.
Have a great day. I feel so good.....I have helpt Santa and Elf Donna to day....I have posted my Secred Santa gift. So now I just have to wait and se what Santa brings to me. ;-) And I hope my Secred Santa Christmas Swap partner like what she gets....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Almost ready for take of....

Some times I live in a blue world. A Christmas-story tells about "Blå-nissene" ( some little elfs all dressed in blue) and I feel like they are all around me now when it is almost Christmas. The blue elfs only leave the mountain in the blue-hour .This is how the mountain look when the sun rise and the blue-hour are over for now. ( Can you see a blue-elf? )
I'm going to visit my brother and his family in France this weekend. And of course I need a bear to look after my Euro. (The stitchery are a pattern from Hatched and Patched. )I hope he allowes me to spend some Euro.I hope to get to some Patchwork stores, I know where they are, but will it be time? That's the question.... I only stays untill monday morning.
When I saw the Great tag Abyquilt got from Elain I know I have to make me a tag to.My luggage deserve to look great, and my be a angel to watch it. I tok the angel from a old DebbieMumm pattern.
Here are one of the reasons I'm going to France. This photo are from my trip last year. His name are Swan and he are three years old , almost four. He are standing on the beatch in Antibe, looking out on the sea.
And here are his older brother, Cyrian. He are six years old. They are great boys and luckey for me they speak Norwegian as well as French. I know they are waiting for me.....I bring Christmas presents with me.( I'm helping Santa a little).....but they are not allowed to open the gifts before Christmas.
Now I have to start packing my luggage. Have a great week and I promice to take a lots of photos to show you later.
Donna askes the member of Secret Santa Christmas Swap to tell how they are celebrating Christmas and I will tell you about our tradisjons when I return.

Have great times and keep all your secrets....... ;-)

Dear Santa

Please Secret Santa don't show my present on the blog. I want to keep it as a secret untill Christmas. It is so fun not to know.And luckey as I'm living in Norway, I'm allowed to open the gift on the evening the 24.
Here are a photo from last year.Lara has got a gift and Jacob just has to know what she got.Sadly Lara died some weeks ago ,so Jacob have to celebrate only with Nemo's rats this year.My oldest daugther are Cantas helper so Lara can get her pressent.
So Canta keep the secret untill Christmas evening. Love to meet you then.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

This weekend Nemo has been home, and we had a lot of ideas and things we wanted to do. No problem to make the time run....but we did manage to make many things. First we are both a member of "Stitching Klubben" from Jordbærstedet. This month we got a pre-printed house and great Japanece fabrics. This is how they turned out, almost finish.
To day I got mail. A great fat quarter and a little pillow filled with lavender from Karol-Ann. Thank you they are just so nice , and the smell of lavender reminds me of France. And I'm going to visit my brother and his family soon.They lives close to Nice.
Now we got winter and snow here in Trysil. It is about 10 degress below zero in the nights, but when the sun shine in the days ,it is beautiful. The snow are so white and the sky so blue.You can se what weather I got on the web-camera. Lucky for you all I live in a tourist district... LOL The squirrel love when I fill the bird-house with sunflower seed. I wonder if he thinks it is for him? And so what I like the little squirrels.This photo are take through a window with the sun shining - So it are a bit foggy.
On friday Lapphøna brought her Stitchery with her so we could compare the progress. You can see how her turned out on her blog. :-) Here you realy can see how clever Nemo and I have been .Ours are almost finish......
So mutch have we, Nemo and I ,worked on in the week end. The christmas stitcherys are "The Night Before" from Cinderberry Stitches.It was ouer relaxing item .
I manage to talk Nemo into make "Wool Etui" from the lates magasine of Quiltmaker. We did it in felt.Nemo didn't know she needed it, but it was fun and easy to make. There are flowers on the outside and ribbons to tie it together....
Inside it looks like this.A little pocket to the scissors and a pocket for the thimble and some space to put nedles. Nemo has got the scissor from her great- grand mother in her etui. (The brown and violet one.)
At last we had to make smal purses like the one Abyquilt has done. I got the click -lock when I was in Findland last year. Nemo wanted the smalest, and of course she got that.
She has gone back to Oslo to day. I hope we can have another working weekend soon, but with work and all to do I don't think it will be werry soon. ;-(
Now I'm going to do some hand sewing on my Christmas Swap . I need to finish it soon, I'm going to France on the 22. and have to finish it before I leave.May be I find somthing to add in France......
As you can see Nemo has add some news on my blog... I have signed on to the Four season Quilt Swap. I wonder who I'm going to make a quilt for.....
Have a warm and lovely evening..... ;-)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The end of fall

I got mail the other day.Beautifull African fabrics from Karol-Ann. I feel so lucky. The coulors are so great. I just need something special to make of them. Thank you Karol-Ann and have a great journey to Africa.
A friend of me and I are making stars. We make two and two just like and exchange. I don't know how many stars we are going to make ,or if it will be a quilt or a tablerunner. I just have to wait to see what it turn out to be.
Last Turesday when I was walking to visit my friend , Lappehøna, I saw this swans in the river. They are great birds, but not the song they are singing in the nights... I belive they are gathering fly away during the winter.
To day I'm just jumping from one thing to another....A little flash back to the great days with Leanne. This is the grup who started to make the Friendship's Basket. May-be you will see some one you know..LoL I have to admit my quilt are not done yet....But when it is I will show you.
I tok this photo early an morning- again hurrying to catch the bus. I don't see the raising sun when I'm home from work- but I see a lot of sun sets. :-)
I hate to get up early in the morning when I don't need it for some reason. I'm a night girl. Hate the bed in nights , but just LOVE it in the morning.
Just now I'm waiting for Nemo and her boy friend to come home for the weekend.It will be a lot of talking and quilting. And to morrow we will take a walk out in the snow.....Yes the fall are gone and we have started on the winter. It is snowing just now. ;-)

And yes I will bring my camera.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Tagged Twice

I have been tagged by Abyquilt and Karol-Ann to answer a few crafty questions.
The rules are to answer the questions and tag some one else, but since it has being around for a while I will not tag any one. But if you feel to answer please do. :-)

1. When do you started to create and make craft?
I think I started to create when I was just a little girl. I use to knit a lot of sweaters when I was in the school and did a lot of crochet tablerunners to. But to do quilting was not in my mind. -cutting up fabrics and sewing them to gether, no way. LoL
But in 1993 I change my mind. And after that I have been quilting all the time.

2.Why do you start creating?
A quiltshop opened in my little town and the lady who owned it was a great teacher and told us a lot about quilting.My friend and I also borrowed a quilt- book in the library. It seemd so fun that we just had to give it a try. And we newer stopt again....

3.Why do you create?
I have to do something with my hands and it is allways something I just have to do or try. I just NEED to create !

4.What do you create?
I quilt every thing. Bags,table runnere,wall quilts, name it.

5.Has this changed since you began crafting?
Yes ,I think I just have to try more different ways to quilt. I use my sewing-machine a lot more to quilt. I can't do a lot of hand quilting. I have not enough time......I allways have somting new ideas to do. Just now I love to do stitchery...