Monday, December 30, 2013

At the end of 2013...

I have been playning with small items. I love to make optical-illusions "quilts" , but I have framed this. 
This little item are from a photo in Homespun no.126 and are called Paradox Illusions. Easy to make and all made by hand. 
This idea are from a program about Crop Circle on TV. I have no idea about how or who are making the Circle,but I belive there are some quilters who got his or her finger on it :-) There are so many great ideas and pattern ....  I have several more I want to make in fabric. 
Here are the Crop Circle I borrowed the idea/pattern from. Great isn't it? 
But there has been some more small finish this last my kitchen stools has got covers,so now I "just" have to make me some new pillows on my kitchen bench to make my kitchen look new...
As I think this is my last post for 2013 I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. My goal for 2❤️14 are as last year... To get more UFO's done,use some of my fabrics,make some of my "must have" patterns and just have a lot of great time with my Quilting Ideas and Friends.. 😉

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SSCS gift and Merry Christmas..

At last I could open the main gift from my unknown friend...and it was Susan @Thimblestitch,  and look what I got. This beautifull sewingbag. I love it,and start to use it at once :-) 
Thank you Susan, you have realy spoiled me this Christmas, and the labels will be used on my two next quilts.. 
Thank you to Elf Donna for be a part of all this fun. 
Hope you all has a great Christmas,and I want to wish you all A Happy New Year. 
Hugs ;-)

Todays gift .. 23.12.

This is what I got from my SSCS friend today :-) Luckey me:-) Thank you,my unknown friend. :-))

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Look what I got in my 2. gift from my unknow friend at SSCS 2013. And still I got 2 more gifts to open. :-)  The next are for the 23. And the last for the 25...... But I hope it is ok if I open it on the 24. Here in Norway we open all our gifts at the evening on the 24. 

But back to my unknown friend.... I love my gift :-) Thank you,you made my day. Wish you a grest day! 
Hugs :-)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

SSCS gift arrived ...

When I got home from visiting France and Oslo my SSCS gift from Reinhard (??!) was at my home. And it was not just two gifts...
It was 4 ,and I was allowed to open 3 before Christmas :-) 


The one with the ornament I opend at once, it was a beautifull little ornament with a bird.Luckey me,I realy love birds :-) 
So thank you Reinhard ! 
Now I have to wait untill the 20. for my next gift.. 
Have a great december every one, and a big thank you to Elf Donna for hosting this awap. 
Hugs :-)