Saturday, August 31, 2013

.... Eh eh..I'm alive...

I'm alive,but I have been lazy with my blogg... I got a lot of "great "resons why.. but who care..i'm back. More often...I hope! 
Yes , I have been quilting. At last I manage to finish this little wall quilt.It is small ,but with a lot of work.  I wanted the Tumblers to "fly" and I feel they does. I found a little photo of a little quilt like this in an old French magasine years ago,and had to try to make some for myself. Now I feel it is time to try to make more quilts who "speak"to me..... I hope I manage to do it..
More finish,more Tumbler blocks. All in Jinny Beier fabrics. It took years to finish but noe it are done,and gived away.. Great to get stuff out of the house,and hope it will be loved by someone else. 
My Kittens tale are done as well,and out of my house. This I know are loved in its new home... Some time the great with a quilt are the work and the fun to do it..and I can not use every thing by my self..
At my hollyday I found these...hmm...this could have come home with me,but onest as I'm ,I only took the photo....and add it on my " wish"list :-))) 
Driving for a little road trip I meet this little guy. Not in the best mood,but sooooo cute. 
Now it is good nigth for this time...I have a lot to tell...I was in Birmingham. :-)) and Loooved it...
I meet Lynette Anderson,Kaffe Fasett and Tula Pink... And a lot of great ladies..and there was sooooo many great quilts...and ...and... Oh..
Show and tell soon... Promise :-))
Untill then..take care..