Sunday, December 28, 2014

SSCS spoiled...

ÅThis Cristmas I got spoiled by Julie from Australia in Donnas SSCS 2014. 
Thank you both Julie and Donna. This swap are so fun ,to make and give...and to get. After all these years it has became one of my Christmas traditions. 
This Christmas I got this beautifull tablerunner with cute Australian animals. 

And I also got a lot more presents : a little banner,saying My Quilts,a beautifull Towel with a rose on, a toolbox to use when I'm sewing on Magda or Grethchen and at last ....a lovely ribbon with Coala bears on it. 
I realy love all my gifts. So thanks again Julie.

This Cristmas I have got visit from Emma,her babybrother and her mum. It has been a quiet,indoors celebration. By now there are an cold Christmas, verry cold but beautifull days. It has been all down to 26 degrees below zero, and that are to cold for the baby,so some of us have to stay at home with him,but I have been able to dress up ( in warm clothes) and get out for some shooping. 
This photos are from my way to the shop. The trees on the brigde are for Christmas decoration. Lovely with snow on. We got great sunny days,lovely but short. The sun rise about 9 am and sunset are about 4 pm ....  

I hope you all has a great Christmas time,and I wish you all a Happy New Year...
I have no goals for 2015, I just want to do my verry best, for my family,my friends and not to forget for my self.. 
Christmas and New Years hugs to you all... :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Christmas Gifts..

I got my self a new book this atumn, a book filled with childrens favorite figures from Childrens TV. As kind (or stupid) as I 'm I asked Emma and Peder who they want me to make...and both wanted Rodde... No problem I belive... But as you can see there was A LOT of pices...about 60 on each.... Ok If I have said A I have to say B and just knit on....and on...and on..
Then after days of knitting small items, it was time to put it together. So I started to sew ,and sew,and sew... And my two Roddes started to look like monkeys ....quite qute guys I think....but there still was a lot of now I had to start with all the blue items...a lot of them,but I had forgot some ,so more knitting..
But to nigth I'm done ! I have to almost look a like Roddes waiting for Christmas evening so the can start playing with Emma and Peder ... Ups...please don't tell them ... They are a surprice... 
To nigth I have been feeling great and relax a little....but I have one little guy who must get a new friend for Christmas too....( Wispering...Fillip will get Flode... Show you when he are done...)
Untill then I hope you all enjoy making a spesial Christmas gift to some one ....
Hugs <3