Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still playing with UFO's...

To day my little mobile and I was luckey.We got a "mobile mitten"
Vigdis made one for her mobile some days ago - and we envy her mobile his mitten ... She are a fast knitter...I'm a veeeery slow one :-)
But to day when Lisbeth - another fast knitter- come over for some coffe and chatt.. she gave me this mitten. Luckey me :-) Thank you Lisbeth, We love it :-)
I have been quite busy for the last days... Making more Japanese Boxes... Still fun , but I have started to think how to make the border... I have seen some great appique borders, but I don't remember where- so now I'm looking to old books and magazines for some ideas...
Me and Magda has been working a lot the last week. First we have done this beautifull place mats. I got it as a kit for Christmas from my friend Bjørg. She are a great designer. I feel so luckey to get make some of her designs. :-)
Magda and I have also - at last -manage to finish this UFO.. Simple Pleasures by Anni Downs. I stitch all the small stitcheryies in 2008...and made the top 2009... but forgot to read the pattern.... Hmmmm. so I forgot one white border...ok back to the UFO pile with it... Refound last year.. what to do with it ... RICk-RACK is the answer.. and buttons on the last border. Old buttons :-) So this is my way of Simple Pleasures. :-)

I just have to show you another of my Christmas gifts.. From Emms and her mum.. A Cup Cake stand. Isn't it just great.So now I know what to make the next time I got some quilting girls over for coffe :-)

Have a great week end.. Happy Mothers day and Valentine :-)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ufo- attack...

There has been a sort of a UFO- attack in my home lately. When I decide to organize my sewing area there pop out a lot of new and old ideas -- read UFO's.. And a lot of them are realy great and I want to do every one of them ... No wonder it is hard to sleep... I even found book and magazines... Terrible :-)) This little wallquilt are a start of somthing I found in a new magazine. Quiltmania nr 81. And of course I had to start making it, but just a small one - remember I "hate" to work with Paper Pieces... LOL But I couldn't help trying to do this Japanese Boxes. It is so fun to make geometricale shapes....
This is a very old UFO, just poping up from the dark forgettfulness :-) Once again Paper Pieces...All made by left overs a long time ago....Now I have to find a special frame to put on it. I got some idea... once again with Paper Pieces.... Hope to show you soon... I love this little item, hard work to put it to gether , but now I hope you can see there are no start or end of the triangle.... I saw it on an old Frenche magazine year and year ago...... Don't know what magazine of who the author are...
Oh - yes I have manage to do some finishes also... A table runner from Nothern Quilts and another after an idea on the net.... Magda has been lending me a helping needle with this :-)
She has also had a needle or two on this Christmas Basket by Red Brolly...Fun to stitch, but not so easy to get perfect together... I have store it with my Christmas decorations,It will be fun to find and use in December..

Now I'm off to do more of my Paper Pieces... I have to work fast, so I don't remember that I " hate" to that.
Have a great week..
Hugs :-)