Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy new year ..... from the lazy blogger..

This are to bad .. but it is my first blog in 2017... 
shame on me! No exuses ... Here in Norway there 
are a saying going like this : Christmas last untill 
Easter... so I'm aaaalmost not lazy at all... LOL
This Easter as the last years I spend in Oslo,and there
it was flowers and green gras,at home it is still winter. Now I can start
to dream about flowers at home to,not just iceroses... 
During the white winter time I have been playing with colours.
I never miss colours so mutch in winter time as this year.
I feel it has been all white,white snow,white trees ,white sky....
Beautifull yes, but soooo boring. 
It was so fun to make this  Dredsen Neighborhood pattern by 
Kim Lapacek.
More colour playing ,had to try it twice,a pattern from a Norwegian 
Magazine named Frargeglad løper. 
I also had to make this IPad cover. Here you can see 
how the trees looks like.. white,white,white...
There has been some knitting going on too.. 
made me a new shawl... 
There are some secred quilting going on... show you later,
and I'm ready to start making Jen Kingwells Delilah quilt 
to morrow - - ;-)