Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still making Bags...

I have been clever this week - at last I manage to start my sewing machine LOL...
This is another bag from the Bagalicious Club by QFD. Pita Bag by Sue Daley Designs. A sweet little bag - realy fun to make. I have got kit nr 7. So I know what I have to start to make as soon as posible :-)

This little button I have only coloured - all by myself ;-) Hugs'n Kisses button from 2008. Lost in my UFO pile- suddenly spotted , now done :-) I wonder why something just remain undone for so long.... Or is it just by me it happen??
I still make bags-- It is so fun . This is a Lommerusk (pocket fluff) kit from Nothern Quilts. I manage to make more two from the kit... One for me and one for a friend... The saying are from a Norwegian song.. (If you be the owner of a thousands plums....) So now I got a new bag for my stitchery kits.
I have also manage to do this Weekend bag for a friend. Easy to make and it take what ever you need for a long weekend or more. I got one myself and use it when I go for a visit to my girls..
I feel so great starting to use my new sewing room- My next projects are Christmas gifts.. I suddenly discover it is only two months left.....
Last sunday my brother and I went to the family cabbin deep in the woods here in Trysil. I live behind the montain in the middle of the photo. It was a cold day and there was ice on the lake. It was so quiet that we could hear the ice getting thicker. A strange sound almost like the sound of whales under water.
A fun and great adventure to keep in mind ;-)

Hope you all will have a great adventure this weekend.
Hugs ;-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Start of the "Quilt Seasong"....

To days photo are from the bridge and as you can see the last days windy weather has made all the leaves disappear. It was 3 degress below zero this morning, so now the nature are prepare for winter and snow. Now it is time to start "the quilt" season, as they call it in the Elm Creek book I'm reading now. I got The Aloha Quilts as my bed-reading. Great book - but I read english realy slow :-)
My thimble collection are still growing thanks to great friend ... This two are from the northern part of Norway.Harstad, where my mother spend most of her childhood, and The Artctic Circle. Thank you Nancy and May Britt. ;-) I have never been so far north., but a great dream of mine are to take a trip with the Hurtigruta. In Mach next year I'm going to Tromsø - NQF annual meeting are going to be there. Guess ho are looking forward to be there and meet all the other quilting ladies......

I have been clever and manage to do a little Quilting so far this month .... a little wall quilt to hang over my bed.I love the fabrics in the frame- I hope you can see all the small angels.
I have also made Emma a knitted sweater to use in the kindergarten.- I hope she and her mum like it... ;-)
The kids are growing- Here are Peder with his new bibs. He got them the last time I saw him. It is a fun and useful way to use funny fabrics :-) Peder are a big boy now with two teeth.
And Emma are almost ready to walk out to meet the world- the carriage are safe to walk with --- just in case. ;-)
It will be so fun to meet them again soon...

Have a great start of The Quilt Season... I hope to be able to finish a lot of my UFO's now.