Monday, August 03, 2015

And so ,this was the summer.....

UThis July has been a busy one. It started with a Paul Mc Cartey consert.
Wow it was great! A lot of the good old songs from when I was young... Ups..a little younger LOL
It was my birthday present from Nemo and her family. She was going with me...with a few more fan..

As you can see we where not all by our selfe. I belive it was about 20 000 peoples.

Sir Paul did a great consert.It is still hard to belive I have been at a consert with on of the Beatles.
And with Paul,the cutes of them all ....  <3

The rest of July has been great times with the girls and the kids. A little boattrip to Denmark,and great time her at home. I even manage to do some sewing. 
Here are NJ the August part... Early on this,hand sewing are great work when the kids are in bed..

Now when hollydays are gone and I'm home by myselfe I have started to play with this old blocks again.They has been in my Ufopile for almost two years,so it is about time to restart it. 
This summer has been great for my flowers...rain,rain and more rain... No need for I hope fore a Indiansummer. Cold nigths,but beautiful blue sky and sun...I cross my fingers fore that..

At last I want to show a photo from the top of the mountain. Here you can see the little "town" where I live. I can see my house.If you look at the road by the river,tru the wood and find a yellow house,mine are a dark one close to the road... It is realy hard to see, if you don't know it is there..

See you all son,and then I have a lot to show and tell......
Untill then : take care.. 
Hugs :-)