Monday, May 31, 2010

Colours of summer....

I love the colours of summer ..... To day has been a great sunny day: the sun didn't go "to bed" untill almos 23 o'clock. I took this photo when it coloured the clouds red.So now I hope the old saying tell the true..... "Evening red make the mornig bright"(aften røde gir morgen søde)
All thing grew fast in summertime - The children also it seems. Look how big Emma and Peder are. It is so fun to be able to meet them and be a part of theyr life.... :-)
I went to Oslo for some days and when I got home this beautifull parcel was waiting for me. I need more Cosmo floss for my Down in the Garden BOM so I ordred it from Sarah at QFD and there was some new fabrics who wanted to come al the way to Norway. LOL Every parcel I got from QFD are soooo beautifull wrap up so I always want more.... I think Sarah realy know how to get me hooked... ;-)

Here are some flower photos from my trip. Beautifull flowers in the town. I dont know the name of the bush.... But it was great..
And so was this Lilac too -- not to forget the couple in front of it LOL.
But I have manage to do some Quilt work too.... more bags. ;-) Just what I needed... This is a "Broderusk" from Nothern Quilts.Named " Duft av roser" ( smell of roses) . Look at the great button who was in the kit.It is from "Snella og Petronella" Take a look - and have fun ;-)
I have also made my third of the bags from the Bagalicious club. A sweet little bag named "girl friday" by the Janelle Wind collection. It is a bag with glasses case in great Cosmo fabrics.Quess who study the pattern so I could cut the fabrics and get leftovers..... This is another great kit from Sarah at QFD.... And luckey me got 5 more bag kit to rejoice at before the fun is over...;-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stuff for the kids...

The 17.of May are the Norwegian Constitutions Day, a big day for all kids. A lot of fun and a lot of ice creem. If you like that .. I have to show photos of this beautifull grand kids of mine. Here are Emma in her kind of National Costume, not to happy to be taken photo of- she want to walk ;-) Last post I promice to show what I have been doing latley..... I have been making kids stuff...
At last I have made this little quilt for Emma. She got a beautifull pattern from Joy when she was new born.I made it a little smaller so it can be used in the pram. All the Pandas are so cute, but my favorite are the one with the little bee on his butt. So again ,Thank you Joy, Emma and I love the pattern.
Peder was celebrate the 17. of May with his parents in Oslo. Here he are in front of the Royal Palace. A great spot for the prince in our family I think ;-) I have made a little quilt for him too...
Here it is...I borrowed some Monsters from Kellie Wulfsohn's great quilt Little Monsters and used some monster fabrics with them. I realy hope Peder enjoy playing on this floor-quilt. Emma has add the whole quilt on her wish list.... So now I have some summer work to do ... LOL The pattern are in Homespun No.79 Vol. 10 No .12 Lots of great ideas for items to make for kids in this magasine....
I have borrowed more from it...This little Bear with butterflies are from Butterfly Hunt by Kris Meares. I made them on top of a little green and pink heart quilt for a little new born girl, name Wilma. Her mum are a friend of Emma's mum. Luckey me got a message from Wilma telling me they love the quilt. :-) It is so great when quilts you make are used and loved...
I have been playing a lot with stuff for kids... I made some Bibs, to use some of my fun fabrics and to see if it was a successful by the kids mums... And it did... Here are one for Emma , one for Peder and one for Emil, Wilma's brother... Thes are Bibs to use when they eat...
and this small one are to decorate sweaters and to catch up drivel. Both this Bibs was fun and easy to do. So now I have to make a lot more from some of my fun and " why on earth did I buy this"- fabrics... :-)
Have a great evening - to day I belive summer came to Trysil and I have started to make my new Summer- bag..
Show you soon. :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Bags

To day there where a big swarm of birds stoped in my garden on their way back from warmer area. If they hoped to find some food , I belive they was disappointed, there are not summer yet. No green grass and no flowers, just cold and snow and rain...
The only flowers I got are these in doors. - There are a few small spring flowers in my garden but I belive they are realy cold....
Here you can see how it looks outside when the snowshower goes by.Not a great time to be travelling bird .....
My friend Lisbeth has been travelling.... to the sun on a cruise. And she had thimles with her back as a gift for me ;-) One from Jamaica and one from Coamel. Thank you Lisbeth , great gifts from a great friend.
This last weeks I have been playing with my sewing machine. I have done a lot , but can't show you every thing yet.( I have been doing some gifts..... I will show you them next time .. )
I have been making me some new bags, but I did not have time to do all the bags I had on my mind. This is the kit of the third bag from the Bagaliciocs club. A sweet little bag made by Janelle Wind. This will be my new bag for sunny days, - if there will be summer sometimes ;-) Great pattern and beautifull fabrics. So diffrent from the bags I use to make .
I have been playing and tryed some ideas I have had on my mind for a while.... The first are this little purse. I found it in a Japanece book. Easy and fast to make - great for coins when I don't bring a bag.

The second bag are a BIG one .... a weekend bag. All made of fabrics from my stash...Old Thimbelberry fabrics, left-over from differnt TB clubs. The crazy quilt fabrics are great - but now it is gone... The pattern are Norwegian - a Peggy pattern . She have a lot of great pattern for bags.

This is a Peggy pattern too. A great little bag fun to make and a little diffrent. The fabrics on the front remember me of the "happy"-70 and The Beatles. You will find a lot of Peggys pattern here at Quilteliv. This was the shop who was at Elverum quiltelag on our last meeting.

So now I got me some new bags on my next trip to vistit Emma and Peder... ;-)
A girl can newer get to many bags--- I belive ;-)

Have a great week , I will soon be back to show more of my sewing machine- playing.
Have fun and tacke care. ;-)